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Watch the ‘People Are Awesome 2013’ Video, Get Amped to Do Something BIG

"People are Awesome" 2013. It might not be from the official creator of the "People are Awesome" videos, but it's still pretty fucking badass.

The ‘People Are Awesome 2013’ Compilation Will Give You Shivers

Way back in 2010, a video called "People are Awesome" blew up the Internet. Two long years have passed, and the creator of that video, Hadoukentheband—who must

Get Off Your Ass and Watch the First ‘People Are Awesome’ 2013 Compilation

Hey, lazy asshole. To inspire you to get off your couch and go kick life in the ass, here's the very first People Are Awesome

Newest ‘People Are Awesome’ Compilation May Make You Question What You’re Doing with Your Life

The extremes of extreme sports, breathtaking views, and somehow inspiring fails--it's all here. 

The ‘People Are Awesome 2012’ Compilation Will Force You to Go Outside Today

Three minutes of ridiculous bike stunts and base jumps. If you're staring at a cubicle this Monday morning, this video is a must-watch. 

Bored? Watch The ‘People Are Awesome 2’ Compilation

There was a whole lot of awesome going on in 2010. Here's a full-of-WIN follow-up to all that badassary for 2011.