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James Franklin Is Slowly Morphing Into a Lion


The Top 20 Party Schools Based on Return On Investment

Here are the Top 20 schools where you'll still be able to make an income off your degree in the job market while enjoying the

This Penn State T-Shirt About St. Patty’s Day Is Truth

  Love this shirt so much. I remember the very first St. Patty’s day in 2007, when it was really […]

Penn State’s Syllabus Week, Summarized In One Epic Party Video

Now that State Patty’s Day has gone to shit, Spring Semester Syllabus Week at Penn State might be the most […]

Of Course the Best ‘Walk Of Shame’ Picture Ever Was Taken at Penn State

This picture right here is Penn State in a nutshell.  No place in the universe like State College in the […]

Jerry Sandusky Would Like Some of His Old Money Back, Thank You Very Much

Although you'd think with Jerry Sandusky, he'd want the YOUNG money HEYO!

Penn State Bro Does Epic Dance to ‘Living on a Prayer’

Sometimes you just have to dance, ya know? Channeling his inner-Celtic fan, this Bro at a Penn State hockey game busted some serious moves when Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a

This Is How Drunk Penn State Was After a Four Overtime Win Against Michigan

 Hey! It's 12:35 and Michigan still sucks.  State College on Saturday night was just as awesome as State College always is after a huge Penn State win.

Former Penn State Professor Drops Pants, Wipes Butt In Public at Panera Bread

Interesting report from Penn State's Panera Bread on Allen Street, Tweeted to us by a reader. A former Penn State professor allegedly dropped his pants

Former Penn State Professor EXPLODES on Campus Preacher, Throws F-Bombs Left and Right

Penn State loves its traditions. Glad to see that two of the school's most notorious ones -- The Willard Preacher and people trolling the Willard

Ever Wonder What Fraternity Life Was Like at Penn State In the 1980s?

Pretty awesome Greek Life video I found on a deep YouTube research dig from the 1980s. This is from Penn State's Phi Psi 500 in

On Time Travel and Penn State Football’s Return to Normalcy…

There’s a theory on time travel that holds no one event is big enough to divert the course of history. Time is like a stream

How We Party: Penn State University

Last week, we introduced a new column called How We Party, with the intent for all you rageheads to tell the world how your school

You Can’t Stop College Drinking

As you may have read on Brobible (your go-to for breaking news), Penn State administrators and local leaders have teamed up to pay off bars

Al Pacino Will Play Joe Paterno in Upcoming Movie


I’m Shmacked x Penn State University, Syllabus Week

For their first video of the Spring 2013 semester, I'm Shmacked heads to my alma mater, Penn State, to rage Happy Valley-style during syllabus week. If

Penn State Sorority Hosts a Mexican-Theme Party with Sombreros, ‘I Don’t Cut Grass, I Smoke It’ Sign

Of course it's a Penn State sorority, right?

Everyone Is Pretty Sure Bill O’Brien Dropped the F-Bomb After Penn State’s Game Today

One of the biggest college football days of the year, and this is, fittingly, the post that we're doing: Bill O'Brien allegedly dropping an f-bomb

There’s No Telling How Long TMZ Waited to Use This Jerry Sandusky Headline

Well played, TMZ. Way to wade through the nonsense and present the news in the most succinct and effective way possible.

Al Pacino to Play Joe Paterno in Movie About Penn State Scandal

Looks like the Penn State scandal will be coming to a movie theater near you. 

Dear Penn State Students and Alumni: Be Different and Shut Up

Have you ever reacted too quickly to something? Made a bad call, a poor judgment on limited info? Maybe you believed that girl when she

Penn State is Considering Changing Its Football Uniforms

It’s no surprise that Penn State is looking to shake things up in light of the unprecedented scandal that continues to rock the campus. Head

Let the Great Penn State Player Poach Begin!

Anyone heard the news? It's open season on Penn State players!

Penn State Students Did Not Take Yesterday’s News Well

We knew this video had to be coming at some point—and luckily, the good people at the Big Ten Network were happy to exploit Penn

Sports Links for July 23: The R.I.P. Penn State Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Joe Paterno Statue Will Be Taken Down this Weekend

According to Kim Jones, a Penn State alum and reporter for the NFL Network, Penn State plans to take down the Joe Paterno statue this

Joe Paterno Knew About Child Abuse as Early as 1998

With the release of the Freeh Report today, the legacy of Joe Paterno is officially shattered. Among other damning allegations, it states that the legendary

Penn State Records Second-Highest Donation Total in History

Looks like the Jerry Sandusky scandal hasn't caused Penn State's donors to waver in their giving. The school raised $208 million in donations for the

The Jerry Sandusky Situation Has Spawned Some Awful Shirts

Mother of God, that’s awful. And the grammatical error just makes it all the more special. Extremely classy move by the LSU fan base.

Idiot Alert: Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Compares Trial to Episode of ‘All My Children’

Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorney continues to do his best Lionel Hutz impression. This morning, Joe Amendola was asked if the former Penn State defensive coordinator

Joe Paterno Tribute Song is All Kinds of Great

The downfall of Joe Paterno at Penn State and his subsequent death were the final chapter in what was a life otherwise filled with greatness.

In Which a Penn State SigEp Cordially Invites Kate Upton to His Spring Formal via YouTube

Since Kate Upton is the most viral lady on the planet, it was only time before someone asked her to something via a YouTube invite.

Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Passes Away at 85

After a lot of false rumors and corrections yesterday, Penn State University head football coach Joe Paterno died today at 85, according to his family.

Dear Lavar Arrington: From One Penn Stater to Another, Please Shut Up

Last night reports emerged that Penn State will announce Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as its new football head coach. Speaking as an alumnus and

‘Joe Paterno and Penn State’s Fall from Grace’ Gets Another Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The Penn State Scandal and Joe Paterno's departure got the Taiwanese animation treatment a few weeks back, but the folks at NMA decided

NCAA ‘12’s ‘Hide The Children’ Penn State Vs. Ohio State Caption

Twitter Illuminati Darren Rovell blasted out what looks like a screencap from an ESPN preview of this weekend's Ohio State vs. Penn State game at

Here’s Bob Costas’ Interview with Jerry Sandusky

Since the Penn State scandal continues to dominate the national conversation right now, here's Bob Costas exclusive interview with Jerry Sandusky as a

Is This a Photo of Jerry Sandusky Waiting for a Plane at LaGuardia Airport?

TMZ says so. And it's throwing the entire Internet into a frenzy. We're skeptical, but who knows? Right now TMZ isn't providing any details on

Video: SNL Nails the Penn State Scandal

At least from my point of view, it was hard to not be obsessed with the 24/7 news coverage out of Happy Valley last week.

What ‘A Few Good Men’ Might Tell Us About This Penn State Nightmare

Totally random, but I keep thinking about the final verdict-reading scene in "A Few Good Men" and how Mike McQueary, Joe Paterno, and