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Michigan Bro Thinks He’s William Wallace, Gives Riveting Speech Before Beating Michigan


It hasn't exactly been a great couple of years for the University of Michigan's football program.

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Penn State’s Alpha Phi Sorority Has A Hot Instagram Account


Some sororities can be very picky about the girls that they let in.


Penn State Deadhead Has A Three-Game Winning Streak On ‘Jeopardy!’


Like millions and millions of Americans, Penn State graduate student Bill Cossen is a fan of the Grateful Dead.

penn state

Penn State Students Celebrate Having Sanctions Lifted, Though Some Start Chanting To Bring Back The Paterno Statue

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Vine This is how Penn State students celebrated having sanctions for its football program lifted by the NCAA.


Junior At Penn State Claims She’s A ‘Squirrel Whisperer,’ Actually Is The Ultimate Way To Get Chicks


If you went through four years of college and never tried to kick one of the 600 million squirrels that populate whatever campus you were on, did you really go to college.

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The Top 20 Party Schools Based on Return On Investment


Here are the Top 20 schools where you'll still be able to make an income off your degree in the job market while enjoying the fun of college.

Penn State

Penn State’s Syllabus Week, Summarized In One Epic Party Video


Now that State Patty's Day has gone to shit, Spring Semester Syllabus Week at Penn State might be the most turnt week in Happy Valley.

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