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Jerry Sandusky Would Like Some of His Old Money Back, Thank You Very Much

Although you'd think with Jerry Sandusky, he'd want the YOUNG money HEYO!

7 Scandals or Moments in Sport Way Crazier Than Manti T’eo or Lance Armstrong

I have a confession to make. I don’t like sports. Relax, I’m not gay, a communist, or-God forbid, - a hipster.  I dominate rec-league basketball

Let the Great Penn State Player Poach Begin!

Anyone heard the news? It's open season on Penn State players!

Penn State Students Did Not Take Yesterday’s News Well

We knew this video had to be coming at some point—and luckily, the good people at the Big Ten Network were happy to exploit Penn

Sports Links for July 23: The R.I.P. Penn State Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Joe Paterno Statue Will Be Taken Down this Weekend

According to Kim Jones, a Penn State alum and reporter for the NFL Network, Penn State plans to take down the Joe Paterno statue this

Joe Paterno Knew About Child Abuse as Early as 1998

With the release of the Freeh Report today, the legacy of Joe Paterno is officially shattered. Among other damning allegations, it states that the legendary

Penn State Records Second-Highest Donation Total in History

Looks like the Jerry Sandusky scandal hasn't caused Penn State's donors to waver in their giving. The school raised $208 million in donations for the

‘Joe Paterno and Penn State’s Fall from Grace’ Gets Another Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The Penn State Scandal and Joe Paterno's departure got the Taiwanese animation treatment a few weeks back, but the folks at NMA decided

NCAA ‘12’s ‘Hide The Children’ Penn State Vs. Ohio State Caption

Twitter Illuminati Darren Rovell blasted out what looks like a screencap from an ESPN preview of this weekend's Ohio State vs. Penn State game at

Connecticut High School Football Coach Fired For Giving P*rn Site Codes to Football Players

While the entire universe continues to obsess over Penn State, there's a football scandal unfolding in the tony Fairfield County alcove of Westport,

Jon Stewart Tackles the Jerry Sandusky Phone Interview

Last night The Daily Show offered a pretty fantastic take on Jerry Sandusky's now infamous interview on Monday with Bob Costas. Of course, this was

Here’s Bob Costas’ Interview with Jerry Sandusky

Since the Penn State scandal continues to dominate the national conversation right now, here's Bob Costas exclusive interview with Jerry Sandusky as a

Is This a Photo of Jerry Sandusky Waiting for a Plane at LaGuardia Airport?

TMZ says so. And it's throwing the entire Internet into a frenzy. We're skeptical, but who knows? Right now TMZ isn't providing any details on

Video: SNL Nails the Penn State Scandal

At least from my point of view, it was hard to not be obsessed with the 24/7 news coverage out of Happy Valley last week.

Mark Madden Plants Rumor that Jerry Sandusky Was Pimping Out Kids to Rich Donors

Seven months ago, Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden spelled out exactly what was going to happen to Penn State when news of the

Here’s a Penn State Class of ‘75 Grad Burning His Degree In Effigy

Now this just takes stupidity to a whole different level. Via @dsully215 on Twitter: "Just watched a '75 grad burn his diploma outside Old Main."