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Woman Uses Nike+ to Drawn a Giant 100-Yard Penis on a Football Field

This picture needs to be framed and hung in the Smithsonian. It is a work of art. Redditor Alyxchosen told a friend she'd get

Babe Ruth Swinging Penis GIF? Yes, Babe Ruth Swinging Penis GIF

"That guy had a hog," pronounced my roommate upon seeing this.

Someone Drew a Penis on University of Cincinnati’s Football Field with Veins, Cum, THE WORKS!

Our friends at Uproxx found the photo of this GIGANTIC snow penis drawn on the field of University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium on Twitter today. It

10 Rules for Managing Your Penis (According to a Woman)

Hey! I've got a penis. I manage it on a daily basis. And I don't mean that in sexual way. Well, maybe I do.

Just a Video of a News Reporter Drawing a Giant Penis on Live TV

Giggety, giggety, giggety. Nothing funnier than dongs in unusual every day places. H/T: Hypervocal

Amy Schumer Interviews ‘Mr. Manhattan,’ a Man with a Giant Penis

If you didn't watch last night's episode of Inside Amy Schumer, you sorta missed out. It was all about a subject we know all-too-well here

The Mars Rover ‘Accidentally’ Draws a Penis on Mars

It' s very comforting to know that the NASA brainiacs behind the joystick of the Mars Curiosity Rover have the same sense of humor as

British Man Born Without Penis to Get One Sculpted from His Arm Skin

When I read the headline, I chuckled a bit. But after hearing what this guy’s been through already in his life, you can’t help but

Rush Limbaugh Says Men’s Penises Are ‘10 Percent Smaller’ Because of ‘Feminazis’

According to a vague study publshed on ChaCha.com, Italian reseachers have discovered that average penis size is 10 percent smaller than it was in 1950.