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This Video Of Women Drawing Their Ideal Penis Size And Shape Raises A Few Questions


I have a few questions after watching this video of women attempting to draw their ideal penis.

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Considering Penis Enlargement Surgery? This Guy’s Story Might Change Your Mind


If you asked a guy, "Hey Chief, would you like a bigger dick.


17 Things Only A Dude With A Big Penis Says


According to a study conducted by me, women prefer men with a big penis.

fighting dirty

Man Discovers A Surefire Way To Win A Street Fight: Just Whip Out Your Dick, Fight Over


As usual in cases such as this, there isn't a lot of background or detail, but really what else do we need to know that wasn't said in the headline: Dude found himself caught in a fight with someone bigger than him, was destined to lose, so he dropped trou and let his wee willy flap in the wind.


Ghana player’s penis exposed on pitch, produces best mashups we’ve ever seen


I woke up this morning and said, "Isaac, you are not going to post about a player's penis today.


Husband screams at wife, says he ‘doesn’t have a vagina’ in greatest domestic dispute EVER


FACT: 99% of the things said during a domestic dispute make little to no sense.

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17 Things Only A Dude With A Small Penis Says


Is that a tic-tac or are you just happy to see me.

Ram’s Horn Penis

5 weird penis problems most guys don’t know about


You’ve probably heard about the infamous “whiskey dick” and have heard horror stories about “broken dick.

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