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VIDEO: This Penguin Wanted to Go to a People Restaurant, So He DID

Great penguin initiative.

BRB Watching This Video of Adorable Penguins Eat on ‘Letterman’

Supes cute. Supes.

Here’s a Video of an Adorable Little Penguin Chasing Around a Japanese Man

Because, fuck it. Sometimes you just need to watch an adorable little penguin chase around a Japanese man. It’s good […]

‘The Hangover’ in Real Life: Three Australian Dudes Got Drunk and Stole a Penguin from SeaWorld

All this story needs is Mike Tyson and it's pretty much "The Hangover" in real life. Last weekend three drunk dudes in Australia

Today’s Flyers-Penguins Brawl Featured a Hulk Hogan Impersonator

The final minute of today’s Pittsburgh Penguins-Philadelphia Flyers game saw a giant free-for-all erupt. After Joe Vitale clocked Danny Briere with a devastating open-ice hit,

Sidney Crosby Assists Himself On Fantastic Goal

It’s good to see Sidney Crosby healthy and back on the ice again. After all, who else can pull off stuff like this?

This Penguin is a Total Boss, Also a Total Thief

Penguins: They're just like us! They steal sh*t from each other when one's not looking. Seriously, this video — from a BBC series

Islanders/Pens Game Results in 9-3 Win with 346 Penalty Minutes

When AZ shot this along to me this morning, I was blown away. Remember last time when DiPietro got his ass beat by Brent Johnson?