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This Pee Wee Football Coach Encourages Helmet-to-Helmet Knockout Hits, Gives ZERO Fucks

"KILL THE HEAD AND THE BODY WILL DIE," is not a message anyone who isn't training a team of snipers or Orkin men should be preaching

Wild Pee Wee Football Game Ending Gives New Meaning to ‘Play Until The Whistle Blows’

Oh man, I feel bad for the poor defender that spiked the ball after catching it, thinking that was game while the play was still

The Second Biggest PeeWee Football Hit You’ll See Today

Look, the truck-stick in Shamokin was more impressive, but this crack back block ain't bad either. That's it for a PeeWee football coverage.

The Most Concussion-Inducing PeeWee Football Truck Stick You’ll See Today

This video dates back to 2008, but oh my, it's a BEAUTY. Pennlsyvania's Shamokin Indians vs. Pottsville A-Team. The runningback sure isn't fleet