taking a piss

This Is The Best Short-Film You’ll Ever Watch About Taking A Piss


Every Bro has been there: You have to drain the main vein, but you just can't get it flowing.


Watch A Bunch Of Girls Try To Pee Standing Up For The First Time Ever


Have you ever taken a step back from your happy little life and wondered to yourself “Waiiiit a second, what would the world be like if girls could pee standing up.


This Old Man Is Addicted To Drinking People’s Pee To He Can Stay Young, So Obviously That’s Not Working Well For Him


Reality television isn’t my thing since I couldn’t care less about the Kardashians or a bunch of muppet-lookalike women living out in Beverly Hills, but when it comes to trashy stories about people with mental disorders I.

shake it off

Best Taylor Swift Parody Ever Is About Shaking It Off After You Take A Pee


The story behind this homespun Taylor Swift parody is that it comes from college kids who were "very bored and decided to make a music video.

president of columbia

President of Colombia Pissed Himself On Stage During Re-Election Speech


Truth be told, there's buckets worth of speculation in that headline.


Justin Bieber Pissed Himself


Or so says our go to celebrity news source TMZ.


Watch What Happens When You Pee Outside in -50 Degree Weather


It's so cold in Minnesota that they have Pee Fog.


There Is Nothing Wrong With Sitting Down to Pee


During yesterday’s hot and fresh NFL action (now with 400% more safeties, apparently), a fan brought a sign to the Pats-Bills game that made its rounds on the Internet.

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