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President of Colombia Pissed Himself On Stage During Re-Election Speech

Truth be told, there's buckets worth of speculation in that headline. Sure, that could be a pool of piss...

College Bro of the Year Accused of Peeing on Cop’s Head

  Cancel your best frat stories of 2014 lists, because Noah McCall has already secured first place. Allegedly. And what […]

Classy Rangers Fan Caught Peeing in Middle of Yankee Stadium

That guy. Look at that guy up there. 

Justin Bieber Pissed Himself

Or so says our go to celebrity news source TMZ. 

Watch What Happens When You Pee Outside in -50 Degree Weather

It's so cold in Minnesota that they have Pee Fog.

New Year’s Craigslist Missed Connection Involves Some Little Pee Play, Possible Love

This from America's heartland (Bloomington, Indiana):

There Is Nothing Wrong With Sitting Down to Pee

During yesterday’s hot and fresh NFL action (now with 400% more safeties, apparently), a fan brought a sign to the Pats-Bills game that made its

Introducing The P-Tree: A Portable Urinal You Wrap Around a Tree

Something we all can agree on as men: One of the best things about being a guy is being able to take a leak wherever

NASA Created a Pee-Recycling Bag So We Can Drink Our Own Urine in Space Someday

Yipeeeeeeee. Can we call this thing the "The Bear Grylls Machine"? With a crew of four astronauts and mission to the International Space Station, the

Guy Claims Someone from Delta Airlines Peed in His Luggage

Having an airline "misplace" your luggage during a flight sucks. You know what sucks even more? Having an employee of said airline use your luggage