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Old Country Buffet Customer Caught Drinking Own Urine


Minor League Baseball Team Boldy Introduces Urine-Controlled Video Games to Stadium Bathrooms

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs just became my favorite minor league baseball team with news they’ve installed hands-free urinal games in Coca-Cola Park’s bathrooms. It’s going

NASA Created a Pee-Recycling Bag So We Can Drink Our Own Urine in Space Someday

Yipeeeeeeee. Can we call this thing the "The Bear Grylls Machine"? With a crew of four astronauts and mission to the International Space Station, the

Guy Claims Someone from Delta Airlines Peed in His Luggage

Having an airline "misplace" your luggage during a flight sucks. You know what sucks even more? Having an employee of said airline use your luggage

The Best Way to Alleviate a Jellyfish Sting On Spring Break? A Golden Shower, Of Course!

FratBroSlim just posted the video in the Brommunity and, well, the crew in BroBible HQ felt it was definitely Buzz worthy, given all the other