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Pearl Jam Stopped Playing ‘Daughter’ Mid-Song to Cover ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’


Former Saints Safety Steve Gleason Interviewed Pearl Jam, and the Segment Was Amazing

Steve Gleason is a former Saints special-teams hero who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 2011. His physical state has deteriorated since then, but

Pearl Jam’s New Single ‘Sirens’ is the Most Non-Pearl Jam Sounding Song Ever

This song leaked yesterday and JESUS CHRIST, I damn near lost my mind. It is so not Pearl Jam, but it is also Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam Rocked Wrigley Field Friday Night, Brought Ernie Banks On Stage and Debuted Two New Songs

Pearl Jam shook Wrigley Field on Friday night with a 34-song set list, a 2-hour rain delay and a few unexpected presents for the crowd.

Pearl Jam Announces 2013 North American Tour

Prior to releasing their new single and announcing the drop date of their 10th studio album, Pearl Jam has just informed planet earth that they

2-Year-Old Girl Sings Near Flawless Rendition of ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town’

I caught this yesterday when Pearl Jam posted it on their Facebook page (because I'm on the edge of my fucking seat waiting for them to

8 Genre-Swapping Cover Songs That Don’t Suck

When an artist shares his music with the world, there is an implicit agreement that the tune is subject to transformation from those who listen.

Jay-Z and Pearl Jam Performed ‘99 Problems’ to Close the Made in America Festival

So this is pretty damn cool. Last night, Pearl Jam closed Philadelphia's Made in America festival with what was, by all accounts, a rocking two-hour

Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios Drunkenly Sing ‘The Weight’ at Karaoke (UPDATED)

We just received this video from a tipster that was at Stanley's Sunday night karaoke in Chicago when all kinds of awesome shot from the

Jimmy Fallon Performs ‘Jeremy’ Lin as Eddie Vedder

Last night Jimmy Fallon gave us a nice flashback to 1992. He harnessed his best Eddie Vedder impersonation (compared to his other impersonations it's pretty

Quick, Dirty, and Almost Unbiased Review of Cameron Crowe’s ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’

Got a chance to see the Cameron Crowe's latest doc*mentary "Pearl Jam Twenty" this past Saturday night. The IFC Center in New York City was

Best Links of the Web for September 19, Presented By Awesome Music and Old Pics of Kate Upton

For some reason these old photos of Kate Upton for Victoria's Secret went mega re-viral again today. Oh Internet, you funny! Here's our original post

Our Bros of the Week Are Celebrating a Milestone

Has it been a good week? Oh yeah, certainly f*ckin' has. Earthquake hit (I didn't feel it), I'm back on the feminist radar (got a