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PBR2-D2 is the Best ‘Star Wars,’ Booze Mashup Ever

From the Instagram account of The Washington Post's nightlife reporter comes this gem. 

The NHL Lockout Explained with Beer

Scratching your head over this NHL lockout? Just miss hockey and wish it would finally return? These two Bros are with you only they're drinking

Pabst Replaces Beer Stolen at Knifepoint From College Girl

Big ups to the Pabst Brewing Company. After hearing the story of University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshman Jessica Robertson, who was robbed of her

One-Handed Beer Football On Thanksgiving Day Looks Like a Grand Old Time

Ah, the annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl. A rite of passage for some. A reason to get inebriated for others. A group of

VIDEO: BroBible and Windows Phone’s ‘From Austin With Love’ Party with Chiddy Bang, RJD2, and Hoodie

Last Tuesday night BroBible teamed up with Windows Phone, along with PBR and Lone Star Beer, to throw a party at The Belmont in Austin,