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Hot Instagram Models Chugging PBR Is A Reminder That It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere


Bros, you gotta check out these total smokes on Instagram -- Tina Louise, Ana Cheri, And Tianna Gregory.


What’s The Next Hipster Beer? Here Are 7 Possible Heirs To The PBR Throne

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Hipsters ruined PBR for poor people everywhere, and it's time they move on to something else.

stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert Is PISSED That Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Getting Sold To The Russians


Pabst Blue Ribbon is the beer that I drink when I’m feeling white and trashy, which is never.


PBR2-D2 is the Best ‘Star Wars,’ Booze Mashup Ever


From the Instagram account of The Washington Post's nightlife reporter comes this gem.

what are sub premium beers

Price for shitty beer drastically rises at bars


The price of shitty beer rose almost 7% in the last 7 months.


The NHL Lockout Explained with Beer


Scratching your head over this NHL lockout.


The Country Breakfast Shot is a perfect tailgate drink


The Country Breakfast Shot is the newest fratastic pregame drink in my upcoming cocktail book.

PBR stolen

PBR rescues college girl from sobriety


We rarely see positive stories involving the college kids, campus police, and beer.


Do we all actually hate craft beer?


One brave man has written an article decrying the trend of guys drinking craft beer.

windows phone

VIDEO: BroBible and Windows Phone’s ‘From Austin With Love’ Party with Chiddy Bang, RJD2, and Hoodie


Last Tuesday night BroBible teamed up with Windows Phone, along with PBR and Lone Star Beer, to throw a party at The Belmont in Austin, Texas, with Chiddy Bang, RJD2, and Hoodie Allen.

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