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Paula Deen Compares Herself to Michael Sam in Latest Top-Notch Statement

Paula Deen's insistence on speaking continues to make her life a living hell.

Paula Deen Offered Job Doing MILF Porn

If its any consolation, the offer did leave the option of her not having to be naked.

Comedian Bill Burr Brilliantly Dissects the Paula Deen Situation

Dear Bill Burr's Handlers,

Paula Deen + An African American + Bad Lip Reading = The Best 2-Minutes of Your Day

Paula Deen is taking a brutal fucking beating these past few weeks. This is a Sensei John Kreese kind of attack. STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD.

Here’s Video of Paula Deen Saying She’s Unable to See a Black Guy ‘Standing Against a Dark Board’

Three things. 1. This video, taken during a New York Times interview two years ago, will probably not change supporters' or detractors' positions on the

Paula Deen Fired, and Everyone Has an Opinion

In a country where a man leaks the news of a massive invasion of fourth amendment rights, is charged with espionage, and is forced to

Paula Deen Performing a Sex Act on an Eclair Is a Hot Topic Right Now

Paula Deen is the perfect woman for a guy who wants a chef in the kitchen and a freak in the sheets. But she’s not

John Oliver Absolutely Destroyed Paula Deen’s Racism on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Paula Deen eats lots and lots of BUUDDER. And John Oliver reminds us of that while he rips her to shreds for using the N-word