Are You Worthy Of Owning Paul Walker’s 1993 Toyota Supra From ‘The Fast And The Furious’?


Much like Excalibur could only be removed from the stone by Arthur, so too can only the purest of souls drive this modified 1993 Toyota Supra from the movie that sprung one of Hollywood's greatest franchises: 'The Fast and the Furious'.

Vin Diesel

Watch Paul Walker’s Hilariously Spot-On Impression Of Vin Diesel And Then Get Really Sad Because…Y’know…


I’m not going to pretend that I know Vin Diesel personally, or that the two of us are best buddies who enjoy grabbing a beer after a hard day of work.

wiz khalifa

Watch Paul Walker’s Final Scene In ‘Furious 7’ And Realize You’ve Never Cried This Hard In Your Entire Life

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Wiz Khalifa’s music video for his track “See You Again” off the Furious 7 soundtrack isn’t just a music video, but an emotional tribute to Paul Walker that includes his final scenes in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson Tells How He And Paul Walker Became Friends When They Realized They Were Banging The Same Girl


Furious 7 comes out in theaters on April 3rd, and it'll be the last installment of the Fast and Furious franchise to include Paul Walker.

furious 7

Watch An Explosive New 3-Minute Long ‘Furious 7′ Trailer Burst Onto Your Screen


After getting a high octane trailer during the Super Bowl, we are now treated to a new three-minute building-exploding, guns-blazing, Earth-rattling, car-sky diving, cat-fighting, cliff-hanging trailer that is sure to thrill.

furious 7

The New ‘Furious 7′ Trailer Cranks The Awesomeness Up To 11


The new Furious 7 trailer that aired during the Super Bowl is filled with so much amazing, crazy stuff you come away feeling like you watched a whole movie in just a single minute it's so intense.

paul walker

Vin Diesel Posted A Moving Tribute To Paul Walker On The Anniversary Of His Death


It's crazy that it's been a year since the world lost the incredibly talented Paul Walker.

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