The Beatles

Paul McCartney Loses His Mind for a Free T-Shirt at Brooklyn Nets Game


International treasure Paul McCartney went to the Brooklyn Nets game last night and sat in seats a real person could actually dream of buying.

Urban Legends

8 of the most ridiculous celebrity urban legends


There’s only one thing people love more than celebrities and that’s making shit up about celebrities.

Paul McCartney

Watch The Live Stream of ‘Bonnaroo 2013’


Even though you might not be able to get all the way to Manchester, Tennessee, you can still jam out like you are.

Paul McCartney

Here’s That Whole ‘Nirvana Reunion’ with Paul McCartney Everyone Was Waiting For


Anyone else watch this entire concert and then hate themselves for it afterward.

Will Smith

22 of the cockiest popular songs of all-time

By | 17 Comments

What’s the point in writing a song if you can’t completely brag about yourself to everyone listening to it.

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