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Shots Fired: Bill Belichick Says Wes Welker Intentionally Tried to Injure Aqib Talib

It would certainly seem that Bill Belichick and Wes Welker are no longer friends, if they ever even were. In a press conference this morning, Belichick

Jets Fan Punched a Woman in the Face and Laughed About It After His Team Beat the Patriots Yesterday

I want so badly to make fun of the Wayne Chrebet jersey and the Zubaz pants but there is nothing funny about this. Don't care

This Overtime Penalty Against the Patriots Is Further Proof the NFL Is the ‘No Fun League’

I can't believe how the Patriots-Jets game ended. On a missed Jets field goal attempt to win the game, the refs threw a flag on

Witness Says Aaron Hernandez Pulled Trigger in 2012 Murders

My Fox Boston interviewed a passenger who was in the car and survived the 2012 drive-by-shooting Aaron Hernandez is accused of. The witness said he recognizes

Top 50 Throwback Jerseys of All Time

The simple ideas are the best when it comes to designing a great sports jersey.

The Real Star of Last Night’s Giants-Patriots Game Was This Replacement Ref

I’m not even going to begin to explain what happened here. No one knows, not even the poor bastard that suddenly finds himself officiating NFL

Here’s Rob Gronkowski Working at Dunkin Donuts

Rob Gronkowski took a timeout from partying and wearing Zubaz yesterday to work a shift at a Massachusetts Dunkin Donuts. He’s perhaps the last person

Randy Moss Coming Back to NFL, Reports Randy Moss

Randy Moss has had it with retirement. The eccentric wide receiver, who has already authored a Hall of Fame career, announced his intention to return

Thousands of Butterfingers Dumped In Boston to Mock Wes Welker

This will make Gisele so happy. A Denver-based online pawn shop used its resources to dump thousands of Butterfinger bars in Boston's Copley Square, mocking

Giants Are Super Bowl Champions, Reports Team’s Website

Well, this certainly takes some of the intrigue out of tomorrow night's game. Giants.com preemptively crowned a Super Bowl champion for a brief period this

The Unofficial Official Super Bowl XLVI Drinking Game

Not that you need any more motivation to get blitzed this Sunday but a few readers sent in their own personal drinking game along with

Linda Holliday Has Turned Bill Belichick’s Frown Upside-Down

Notoriously cranky Bill Belichick has been notably less caustic lately. The Patriots head coach even managed to put on a crisp shirt and tie yesterday.

This Guy Wants the Giants to F*ck the Sh*t Out of Tom Brady

A two-week layoff between conference championship games and the Super Bowl leaves plenty of time for anyone with a recording device to share

Watch Maye Star’s ‘One Game’ Patriots Super Bowl Tribute

It was only a matter of time until one of these videos came our way. Here's 16-year old Boston rapper Maye Star's Patriots Super Bowl

This Big Daddy Patriots Fan Lives Up to Every M*sshole Sports Fan Stereotype Possible

Boston sports fans, meet your latest sports fan folk hero. Ben Affleck should make a movie about this dude. Over 400 Celtics games.

Let’s Watch a Giants Fan and a Patriots Fan Slug It Out In Gillette Stadium

Here's things getting heated in the stands of Sunday's Pats-Giants game. Dude in the black shirt gives the business.

New England JetBlue Employees/Patriots Fans Rub Salt in the Wounds of the Jets’ jet

It's a quiet day in the BroBible office after the Jets humiliating loss to the Patriots last night. Of course, since I'm not from the

The Top 10 Embarrassing Athlete Endorsements, in Honor of Tom Brady’s New Deal with UGGs

By now you've probably already heard the big news that Tom Brady is the new "face" of UGG boots. Yes, the same UGG boots that

Bill Simmons’s Tweet Confirmed: Randy Moss Traded to Vikings

If you haven't heard by now, the Patriots are close to trading wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings for a 2011 third-round pick. Moss