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Patrick Kane Honored His Dead Grandfather In a Really Cool Way, Breaks Down After Game

Yesterday was a tough one for Bro king Patrick Kane. Just a couple minutes before taking the ice for last […]

Patrick Kane Scored a Mind-Blowing Own Goal

The Chicago Blackhawks were on a delayed power play last night against the Edmonton Oilers when Patrick Kane passed the puck ... into his own

The Most Epic Hair in Sports

I can't decide who's the bigger Bro: Brian Bosworth back in the day when he rocked a mullet OR modern day Patrick Kane? Both are complete savages.

Brandon Bollig Tried to Handle Pucks Like Patrick Kane, Didn’t Succeed

Brandon Bollig is a professional hockey player with a reliable Internet connection, so he was privy to Patrick Kane’s stick wizardry. His attempt to re-create

You Won’t Believe This Insane Patrick Kane Stickhandling Video

It's September and we're talking about... hockey? Yeah, baby! HOCKEY. This Patrick Kane stickhandling video has been making the rounds over the past few days and

Patrick Kane Parties with a Horses Head On

Because that's just what Kaner does. Pic H/T: Shot of Ginn.

Check Out Patrick Kane’s Double OT Zinger That Sent the Chicago Blackhawks to the Stanley Cup

Yesterday, we saw the type of game this year's playoffs will be remembered for--you have these sorts of thrillers every year around this time, and

Best Tweet About Ultimate Bro Patrick Kane Ever?

Yes. Yes, I think it is. Via Deadspin:

Patrick Kane Spent His Cinco De Mayo Getting Blackout Drunk at Madison’s Mifflin Street Block Party

How did Chicago Blackhawks star and living Bro Legend Patrick Kane spend his Cinco De Mayo? Thanks for asking! Since he doesn't have the

Watch Patrick Kane’s Amazing Game-Winning Goal

Patrick Kane's goal last night vs The Minnesota Wild not only won the game, but will "Wow" fans for years to come. Check

Watch Patrick Kane’s No-look Spin-O-Rama Set-Up To Marian Hossa

Here's Patrick Kane making a no-look spin-o-rama backhand pass look easy when he's got a Ducks defender on him. It's a slick move.

Patrick Kane is Ready for the Stanley Cup Playoffs… Are You?

When Patrick Kane's bad-ass racing-stripe mullet returns, it can only mean one thing: the NHL playoffs are here. The upsets, triple-overtime thrillers, ridiculous comebacks, and of

Video Reconstructs the Mystery of the 2010 Stanley Cup Game 6 Missing Puck

Remember that epic goal by Pat Kane that won last year's Stanley Cup? Well, that magical puck disappeared along with many 18-year-old virginities that summer