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If You Are Having a Party This Weekend, Will You Please Invite This Man?

He's a chill brah, bro.

7 Requirements for a Kick-Ass Fourth of July Party

Go big this weekend, Bros.

Bros! Come Party With BroBible and Friends in the Woven House at SXSW Starting Tomorrow Night


25 Greatest College Party Movies Ever

School is back and that can only mean one thing for all you Bro’s out there, Party!

Playboy’s Top Party School Rankings Are Debatable

Playboy, in its infinite wisdom, has released its annual list of the nation’s top party schools. Of course, their rankings supersede any other publication’s because

Grandma Roots for Iowa, Can Take a Beer Bong Down Like a Champ

Iowa squeaked by Northern Illinois, 18-17, on Saturday at Chicago’s Soldier Field. There’s no way to prove it, but this beer-bonging grandma could have been

BroBible’s Summer Elixir Is Only Four Days Away!

This Saturday, BroBible and our friends at Sony's XPERIA Smartphone will be invading the Hamptons for our inaugural Summer Elixir. The rager is sure to

This Picture of the Stanley Cup with Little People and Enormous Breasts is Worth a Million Words

They say that everything under the sun has been done with the Stanley Cup. People drink out if it, pee in it, perform ritualistic bleedings

Theo Epstein Plays His Cards Close to His Vest, Extremely Close to His Forehead

Hey, what’s Theo Epstein up to these days, you ask? How’s he assimilating to his new role with the Chicago Cubs? Is he the man

Dudes Flexing on Other Dudes, Dizzy Bat, General Drunkenness at SUNY Fredonia’s Fred Fest

Here's a a recap of Fred Fest at SUNY Fredonia. Looks like a good time, especially for a smaller school. The girls ain't

House Fires, Riot Police, and Craziness at Ohio University’s Palmer Fest

If there's one thing you take from this video it's that Ohio University knows how to get down. It's a fact. During their

Spring Break in Panama City Beach Video Has Unexpected Ending

Here are some studious students from Georgia Southern enjoying Spring Break in Panama City Beach. You won’t predict how this thing ends. I

TCU Interfraternity President Arrested After Cops Receive Call for Blowtorch Incident

Just a few days after TCU's huge drug bust, Casey Tounget, the president of TCU’s Interfraternity Council spent the night in the clink for furnishing

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at New York University

So far, three schools have received the "I'm Shmacked" treatment: Temple, Syracuse, and West Virginia. Yesterday a fourth mini-doc*mentary dropped, this time about

Easily the Fratiest Tailgate Party Video From Last Saturday’s Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic

This is one of the better tailgate videos we've seen this college football season. Nice camera work. Just don't see a sea of

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at West Virginia University

Back in September, we showed you two videos from a 12-part doc*mentary series about college parties called "I'm Shmacked."  The project aims to

Here’s A GoPro Video of a Backyard Bikini Jello Wrestling Tournament

Someone shared this on our Facebook page and, well, it's awesome. We think every single one of you will enjoy it... particularly at

Steve Young’s Wife Gave Him a Flash Mob for His 50th Birthday

Here's the answer to what you buy the man who has everything for his birthday. Provided that you think your husband would like

The 10 Types Of Drunks You See At Every Party

Pretty good video from “A Box of Scraps." Check them out on Twitter. I think with #10 they're mixing up "Bro" with "Belligerent

Michigan Students Answer Perplexing Questions About Eastern Michigan University

It's not quite as sexy as, say, two grandmas shotgunning a beer at a University of Michigan tailgate, but here's U of M's

Arkansas Weatherman Awakens in Hot Tub Next to Nekked Dead Man Who Had a Dog Collar Around His Neck

F*ck. My Labor Day paled in comparison to Brett Cummins. Well, mine was void of gay hot tub sex with a corpse -- so I

Human Slingshot and Slip ‘n Slide

The video may have been paid for by Vooray -- a clothing brand whose website plays Five for Fighting on repeat (Editor's note:

Watch Footage From the 2000+ Person Back-to-School Block Party at Colorado State University

Tis the season to rage, college-style. Writes our tipster, "Hopefully this puts Fort Collins and Colorado State on people's radar. We've been going

Avicii Dominates Philly

Right now, Swedish wunderkind Avicii has a lot of buzz as one of the best dj's in the world. Before performing at BroBible's

Flash Mob and a Pole Dancer Take Over L Train in New York

Yep, this would be my nightmare. I said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll probably even speak of it on my

BroBible Blazes 4/20 at CU-Boulder

Yesterday, BroBible's Colorado Tour continued to, where else, Boulder, for all the 4/20 festivities we could handle. We took along our video camera

Come Party With BroBible on Saturday, April 9 at Mad River’s Riverpalooza

  Next Saturday, April 9, our good friends at Mad River in Manayunk are throwing their annual Riverpalooza event and BroBible will be in attendance handing

The 20 Hottest WAGs to Grace the Pages of Playb*y

If attending a party at the Playboy Mansion isn't on your bucket list, you might want to stop whatever the hell you're doing, stare at

The Five Best Places to Hook-Up at a Tailgate

This Saturday 50,000 people will head out to the Far Hills Race Track in New Jersey for the tailgate extravaganza known as "The Hunt."  Apparently

BroBible Rages Hard with White Panda in New York City

  This past Tuesday the BroBible Crew Teamed up with White Panda to throw a blowout at Santos Party House in New York City. All Out

Three University of Wisconsin Bros Fined $86,000 for Throwing Epic House Party

Sometimes college parties go perfect as planned: Everyone in attendance gets drunk, rowdy, and busts a nut without cops crashing the festivities. Other times college

VIDEOS: NYPD Pulls the Plug on the ‘Largest Paint Party in the World’ at Webster Hall

Day Glow, the so-called "biggest paint party in the world," rolled into New York City on Saturday night to bring its thumping beats and psychedelic

VIDEO: Drunk Grandpa Grinds with Arizona State University Coeds

On Saturday Arizona State lost to the University of Oregon, 42-31. Despite the loss, it wasn't all tears of defeat for the ASU fans. Our

Morning Buzz for August 9th, Presented by Edita Vilkeviciute

20 Fine Women Who Need Bigger Jobs In Sports. [Bleacher Report] Mila Kunis is today's smoke show. [Maxim] The ultimate bucket list for men: 50 things to

Official ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2 Drinking Game Rules

  Some bros and I took the initial "Jersey Shore" drinking game suggestions that BroBible posted and added a bunch more. The game ended up being

BrewDog Sets World Record With 110-Proof Beer

Weighing in with an impressive 55% A.B.V., BrewDog once again owns the title of The World's Strongest Beer with a specialty brew called "The End