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Epic Video from Manasquan’s Around the World Party 2014 Is Proof the Jersey Shore Isn’t Just For Snooki

The Bro paradise of Manasquan on the Jersey Shore is the second best place to party on summer weekends after Dewey […]

UNH’s Alpha Sigma Bye Cinco De Mayo Party Looked F-U-N

Pretty solid showing from New Hampsire on the party video circuit. New Englanders know how to rage, we'll give you that.

Georgia Southern’s Paint Party Looked TURNT UP

Savages. You're a bunch of freakin' savages, Georgia Southern.

This Video from Ohio University’s ‘High Fest’ Seals the Deal That Ohio University Is a #1 Party School

OK, Ohio University: You've won the party school wars. No one else is even on your level.

USC’s Sigma Nu Fraternity Threw a ‘ValΣΝtines Day’ Party Rave and Everyone Got Laid*

It's USC... What did you expect? Do they even go to class there or do they just throw frat raves with epic recap videos?

JMU Wants You To Know It Parties Harder Than Your School

JMU is putting itself back on the turnt map again, with the Bros at Sigma Chi enlisting the talents of Sound Remedy for a huge

Penn State’s Syllabus Week, Summarized In One Epic Party Video

Now that State Patty’s Day has gone to shit, Spring Semester Syllabus Week at Penn State might be the most […]

Bros at Georgia Southern University Threw ‘Rude Rudy’s Rave 2014′ and It Was Turnt as Hell

Hot damn, Georgia Southern. This party video from the Bros at Turnt Media landed in our inbox. Wasn’t sure that the […]

Is Boston the Best College Town In the United States?

By shipping up to Boston to rage at Harvard, Boston College, and Boston University, the Bros at I’m Shmacked are […]

The University of San Diego Just Had an INSANE ‘Jamaica Block Party’ and Oh God Why Did I Go to College In the North?

Seriously questioning some life decisions after watching this glorious party video from the University of San Diego. Namely, why the hell […]

I’m Shmacked x Syracuse, Featuring Gaggles of Turnt Sorority Girls

Two things are guaranteed when you show up at Syracuse University in January during cold-ass Duke week: Hot turnt sorority […]

‘When I Was A Frat Guy’: Colorado-Boulder PIKE Bro Drops a Throwback Party Video from 2006

Hey college kids: Ever wonder what a fraternity party looked like... 8 years ago? Since that's pretty ancient history to a college freshman, one PIKE Bro

University of Arizona Bros Throw Phenomenal ‘Red, White, and Brew’ Party and It Looked SICK

Because we love all things patriotic and college around here, the entire BroBible team just got a giant, throbbing freedom boner from watching this video. A bunch

Bros: The University of New Mexico Would Like to Show You Hard It Goes

Do you miss tailgate season as much as I do? A video producer at the University of New Mexico wanted to show how hard the Lobs go

Phi Kappa Theta at SDSU Threw a ‘Dirty Disney’ Theme Party And Looked TURNT As Hell

Props to Phi Kappa Theta at SDSU for throwing what might be my new favorite theme party: Dirty Disney. I just saw Cinderella twerking in a cage

HOT. SORORITY GIRLS. EVERYWHERE at Sigma Chi’s Halloween Party at ASU

I bet you went to a costume party for Halloween. I bet you dressed like Flavor Flav and things got weird at some point in the

Bro Straps on a GoPro and Asks ‘What if College Was an Extreme Sport?’

A reader e-mailed us this pretty cool video by YouTuber Khalid H. In order to document the so-called "college experience," he strapped a GoPro Hero 3

Ever Wonder How Hard Clemson Parties?

A couple of weeks ago the guys from I'm Shmacked headed to Clemson, South Carolina to rage for the FSU game. The Tigers didn't come away with

I’m Shmacked Went to Texas A&M University for the Alabama Game, Awesomeness Ensued

Johnny Manziel would be proud of how hard his Aggies threw down when I'm Shmacked rolled through College Station for the Alabama game. 

I’m Shmacked x University of Rhode Island

Minus that hicup at Delaware when the Blue Hends went all little-brother syndrome on everyone, I'm Shmacked is back in full-swing, showing up at campuses

I’m Shmacked x University of Michigan During Welcome Week Is Everything That Makes College Great

Unlike certain other schools, the University of Michigan knows how to party without completely losing its shit. I'm pretty sure they call that "The Michigan Difference."  Hey!

I’m Shmacked x East Carolina University Proves There Ain’t No Hotties Like Carolina Hotties

I'm Shmacked is BACK and they're going big this year, baby. Kicking things off: A trip down to Greenville to rage at East Carolina University and it's

Watch an Awesome Rave from USC’s Phi Sigma Kappas

College parties are back, y'alllllll. The USC Phi Sigma Kappa chapter takes the honors of being our first featured frat party video of the fall

Ever Wonder How Hard the University of North Dakota Parties?

When we talk about kickass party schools in the BroBible office, the University of North Dakota is almost never in the discussion. Ever. I'm not sure the temperature

Foam Flies, Girls Make Out in Dope Bloomsburg University Party Video

This looks like a fun time: The ATfOam party at Bloomsburg University on April 20. Foam! Foam is fun.

Watch a Dope Recap Video from Indiana University’s Little 500

Scenes from the best college spring party weekend in the country, Indiana University's Little 500.  Related: Watch a Video from Delta Tau Delta’s Little 500 Party at

Purdue’s Grand Prix “One Shining Moment” Highlight Reel is Something We Received

I fully anticipated not liking this user-submitted tribute to past drinking glory. But I was waaaaaaaaaay off. Perhaps you can set anything to “One Shining

Watch a Video from Delta Tau Delta’s Little 500 Party at Indiana University

This past weekend was Little 500 at Indiana University, one of the best college party weekends in the country. There will probably be quite a

Hot College Girls EVERYWHERE In I’m Shmacked x University of Arizona

"Why the hell did I go to school where it's cold" -- Every person who ever went to college somewhere cold and sunless after watching

I’m Shmacked x the University of Massachusetts

Back in March, I'm Shmacked went to Amherst, Massachusetts to rage at the 33rd best party school in the country. The video makes the case of

The First Full-Length Panama City Beach Spring Break Party Video Has Emerged

Spring Break 2013. Panama City Beach. Never forget.

I’m Shmacked x University of Colorado-Boulder, St. Patrick’s Day

No one questions the University of Dayton's dominance over St. Patrick's day. After visiting WVU last year on March 17th, this year the I'm Shmacked

I’m Shmacked x University of Illinois, Unofficial Weekend 2013

For their latest college party video, I'm Shmacked headed to Urbana-Champaign to see the Illini party during "Unoffical" St. Patty's Day Weekend. The parties were

‘Average Party: Official Trailer’ Will Prepare You for the Time of Your Friday

"Sometimes, one big party can change your life. But usually not."

I’m Shmacked x UCLA

For their latest videos, the dudes from I'm Shmacked headed to L.A.'s Westwood neighborhood to hang out at the University of California, Los Angeles. The Bruins

Watch Kap Slap Rage at JMU’s Sigma Chi ‘Basement Rave’

This past weekend the Sigma Chis at James Madison University hosted a rager with Kap Slap. The result is this dopesauce recap video. Go big or

Here’s the University of Arizona Going HAM in a New Party Video

This is proof that when you combine two of the best groups of partiers in the world—Australians and kids from the University of Arizona—you're left

I’m Shmacked x East Carolina University

After a stop in Happy Valley, the I'm Shmacked crew headed down to Greenville, North Carolina to rage with East Carolina's Pirate Nation.

Bro Takes Ultimate Euro-Trip, Parties with Hot Euro-Chicks Wearing Only Tuxedos

I think every Bro dreams of doing what Ikrima Elhassan did. After spending four years in a 9-to-5 day job, Elhassan quit his job to

I’m Shmacked x Penn State University, Syllabus Week

For their first video of the Spring 2013 semester, I'm Shmacked heads to my alma mater, Penn State, to rage Happy Valley-style during syllabus week. If