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20 Most Sober Schools In America List 2014 -2015 Crowns a Familiar Face As the King of Sobriety

You've got to be kidding me...Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering made this list of the most sober schools?

20 Best Party Schools 2014-15 List Names Syracuse the Best Party School In the Country

Princeton Review's annual best party schools list for the 2014-2015 school year has finally dropped.

Here Is Another Map Ranking the 50 Biggest Party Schools In Each State

Ah, the old "biggest party schools" discussion. When it comes to party schools, BroBible has the beat on LOCK.

10 Reasons Ohio University Is the Best Party School In the United States

Ohio University is nestled in the rolling hills of Appalachian Ohio, a 90-minute drive southeast from the state’s capitol, Columbus.

U.S. Map Shows the Biggest Party School in Each State

Which college is the biggest party school in your state? Find out here.

The Top 20 Party Schools Based on Return On Investment

Here are the Top 20 schools where you'll still be able to make an income off your degree in the job market while enjoying the

The 20 Best Party Schools, According to the Daily Beast

Party school rankings: Everyone has them, BroBible's Top 50 Party Schools list is still the best. This week The Daily Beast hooked up with College Prowler to

Another Reason Why the University of Wisconsin-Madison Is the Greatest Party School in the Country

They may have shut down the Mifflin Street Block Party -- one of the finest spring party traditions in the country -- but they'll never

Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools 2013

Playboy has released it's list of the Top 10 Party Schools for 2013. Yippee. Another party school list with plenty of the usual suspects. Just like the

What To Tell Your Parents If You’re Going to Party School

"Don't worry, Mom and Dad. It's got a great business school..." 

Signs You Go to a Party School

Everyone THINKS they go to a legit party school. But they don't. If you can't answer "yes" to one of these, then you probably don't

Here Are the 20 Most Fun Colleges In America, According to Business Insider

The big news today - a website on the internet ranked something.

DePauw Administration Freaks Out Over Party School Ranking

DePauw University was recently ranked the No. 13 party school in the nation by the Princeton Review, which everyone knows means... something. The Review isn't

How We Party: University of Michigan

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, it's time to head up to Ann

The 10 Sexiest Party Schools In the United States

Oh, hey! Look! Buzzfeed plugged some numbers to create a list of "The Sexiest Party Schools." #1 isn't south of the Mason Dixon line. Discuss

How Hard Does Your School Party? We Want to Know, Brah

A couple of weeks back, our comprehensive Party School Rankings got a lot of people talking. Some people were jovial, some people were bummed out,

How We Party: Penn State University

Last week, we introduced a new column called How We Party, with the intent for all you rageheads to tell the world how your school

The Smartest Party Schools In The Country

Last week we released our list of the 50 best party schools in the nation based on general partying reputation over the past decade. As

The 50 Best Party Schools In the U.S., Ranked and Reviewed

We believe there is a major problem in this country: Party school rankings are, at their very core, flawed.

Is Your College a Party School? Prove It…

Bros, we've all done our fair share of boasting about how hard our respective colleges rage. But now it's time to settle the score. Before

The 50 Best Party Schools In the U.S., Ranked and Reviewed (#50 - 26)

BroBible's ranking of the best party schools in the country. For more about our methodology and rankings, read this explaination post.  Like to party? So do

The 50 Best Party Schools In the U.S., Ranked and Reviewed (#25 - 1)

BroBible's ranking of the best party schools in the country. For more about our methodology and rankings, read this post. CLICK TO READ: The 50 Best

The Top 20 Party Schools, According to the Princeton Review

Bros! BIG NEWS: Princeton Review's 2013 edition of "The Best 377 Colleges" goes on sale tomorrow! OK, more importantly, Princeton Review announced their pick for the 20

Huffington Post Attempts to Make a List of ‘10 Craziest College Parties’; Fails

This morning the algorithmic pageview-baiting robots at the Huffington Post published a list of "The 10 Craziest College Parties." Some of the parties probably deserve

Playb*y Announces Its Top 10 Party Schools in America 2011 List

Yesterday afternoon Playboy released its semi-annual list of the Top 10 party schools in America. Two BroBible staffers -- AZ and myself -- have quite