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A Petition Is Dedicated to Making ‘Party in the USA’ Our National Anthem, Which We Do Not Support

Miley Cyrus' 2009 song, "Party in the USA," one of those I-knew-it-was-popular-but-holy-shit hits with over 342 million YouTube views—23rd all time—is now the subject of

VIDEO: Ohio State Basketball Players Sing ‘Party in the USA’

Want to see Ohio State's Jon Diebler, Aaron Craft, and Jared Sullinger make asses out of themselves singing Miley Cyrus? Then you'll enjoy this music

VIDEO: Baltimore Ravens Running Back Willis McGahee Rocking Out to ‘Party in the USA’

It's day two of Miley Cyrus' Salvia/Bong-Gate. Her pops is "sad" and comparing her to Lindsay Lohan (ouch) and her fans are questioning her "reputation"