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Remember the Bro Passed Out at that 2000-Person House Party? He Finally Woke Up to Give a Tremendous Interview

From the ashes and smelling like a liquor store explosion, he has risen.

If You Are Having a Party This Weekend, Will You Please Invite This Man?

He's a chill brah, bro.

This 20-Year-Old Bro Threw a 2000-Person Rave At His House, Says It Was ‘Worth It’ Despite Drug Overdoses

This is James Taylor. He is a trailblazer.

Georgia Southern University Raged Their Tits Off On The Fourth Of July

The guy in the Tigger suit is killing it.

The 12 Most American Things To Do on the 4th of July

Today I brainstormed all of the American things I wanted to put on my calendar in celebration of being born in the most free-est goddamn

10 Best Party Lifehacks You Might Not Know About

Party smarter AND harder.

Justin Bieber, Johnny Manziel and Floyd Mayweather Partied Together

Just a couple of guys hanging out.

Look What Happens When You Give a Dog 100 Balls to Play With

He's a very happy boy.

Here’s the Aftermath of Brochella 2014, a Party by USC TKEs

If you name a party Brochella you've pretty much forced our hand to post it on our site.

UC Santa Babarba’s Ratchet Deltopia Block Party Turned Into a Riot With 15,000 People

It got wild

You Know What Was Turnt as Fuck Last Night? BroBible’s South By Southwest Party

BroBible doesn't fuck around.

Watch an Epic Recap of Night One at the Austin #WovenHouse, Featuring Wiz Khalifa, DJ Skee, and More

Last night J. Camm and I jumped on a flight to Austin to see what this whole SXSW thing is about. See, as a casual

In Austin For SXSW? Stop By the Woven House Tonight For Our NiceKicks.com Party

Tonight is night two at the Woven House at SXSW in Austin, TX and that means it's NiceKicks night!

Maryland Fraternity and Sorority In Trouble For Throwing a ‘CMT vs BET’-Theme Party

Just a friendly reminder that if you're in a fraternity or sorority and thinking about throwing a party that's vaguely racist, you're almost certainly going

The 10 Worst People at Every College Party

There is no doubt every guest list has its fair share of, “who the hell invited that guy!”

5 Things the Movies Get Wrong About Parties

You didn't hear about Scott's party?

I’m Shmacked x Syracuse, Featuring Gaggles of Turnt Sorority Girls

Two things are guaranteed when you show up at Syracuse University in January during cold-ass Duke week: Hot turnt sorority […]

The Three Risks of Arriving Early to a Party

Anxiety pulsates through your body—some cave to a sweet tooth, others concede to a ranch tooth, and right now you and your alcohol tooth just

10 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve is the Worst Bar Night of the Year

It happens every year: starting in early December the texts start trickling in: "Yo, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?" I shiver with

3 Crucial Steps to Saving a Completely Fucked-Up Night

So I’m standing in some stranger’s house about three sips of beer away from needing my stomach pumped. This girl I just made out with in

14 Theme Parties You Should Throw In College

Take it in, bro. The sights, the smells, the wanton abandon. Pretty soon you’ll walk onto a stage dressed as a wizard, and be handed

7 Uncomfortably Honest Things You Discover When Sober at Parties

It’s a rare and shitty occasion, but we sometimes have to be sober at social gatherings. We have to awkwardly stand around and drink straight Mountain

Western Washington University Riot Includes Beer Bottles Thrown a Police, Twerking on Cop Cars

Bellingham, Washington -- home of the Western Washington Vikings -- is the scene of the latest college town riot after a Saturday block party went horribly array.

10 Ways Bros Blow It Before They Even Go Out

Play like a champion today.

University of Iowa’s President Had Some Not-So-Nice Things to Say About @Vodka_Samm

The University of Iowa isn't going to forget the Vodka Samm incident any time soon, especially not after her sloppy drunk mugshot made it's way

9 Tips for Attending Your First College Party

It’s that time again! Parents carrying boxes of who-dads and knick-knacks up into their precious Billy’s dorm room! The faint taste of autumn creeping wistfully

Watch an Awesome Rave from USC’s Phi Sigma Kappas

College parties are back, y'alllllll. The USC Phi Sigma Kappa chapter takes the honors of being our first featured frat party video of the fall

The 20 Best Fraternity Parties in America

Over the past few weeks we've been asking our readers to submit compelling evidence about the best fraternity party in the United States. We heard

5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Do Less at a College House Party

It's Friday night, now calm the fuck down.

Three Popular Frat Party Themes And Their Inherent Flaws

My favorite party is still "drink the beer," but these ones are pretty wild as well...

Pikes At Ole Miss Drop $125K on a Party With Waka Flocka, Write In to Rub It In Our Face

Per the reader email, "It's a funny world seeing many of these schools claim that they are higher in the party charts. Well let me

The 10 Sexiest Party Schools In the United States

Oh, hey! Look! Buzzfeed plugged some numbers to create a list of "The Sexiest Party Schools." #1 isn't south of the Mason Dixon line. Discuss

10 Things You Need For a Kick-Ass Kentucky Derby Party

The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.

10 People Who Show Up To Every Off-Campus College House Party

Alright, so if you’re doing things right, by junior year you should be living in an off-campus house with some of your boys (If you’re

The Festival of Colors Looks Like It Was One Ridiculous Party

India's spring celebration looks like it was messy, but undeniably awesome.

Bro With a Furious Lower Intestine Tries to Hook Up with a Hitler-Loving Chick, Plus St Paddy’s Sex

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here.

17 Alcoholic Drinks That’ll Have You Feeling Lucky and Drunk on St. Patty’s Day

On my trip to Ireland last summer I learned to things about the Irish – they like to drink and they like to drink…a lot.

LAST CHANCE: Nominate Your College’s St. Patrick’s Day Party for Our Ultimate Ranking!

Ah, St. Patrick's Day: A day to celebrate the return of nice weather. A day to loudly proclaim your debatable Irish ancestry. A day to

Here’s the University of Arizona Going HAM in a New Party Video

This is proof that when you combine two of the best groups of partiers in the world—Australians and kids from the University of Arizona—you're left

College Bro Sleeps With Three Chicks in 24 Hours, Plus a Lesbian Writes in About a Threesome She Had

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here.