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Please Allow the 1986 Los Angeles Rams to Sing You a Song About Football and Doing It

It was lots of hard work but all worth it.

‘I’m So Lansing’ is a Parody of ‘Fancy’ Catered to Michigan State Students

Deep breaths.

Here’s a Parody About Doing Fireball Shots Set to Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’

Serious question, Bros: Can you count using your fingers and toes how many Fireball shots you've done in the last six weeks? I can't.

This Dad’s Response To The Song ‘Rude’ By MAGIC Is Priceless

Can't hate on the Mom with the laundry basket in the background either.

Someone Made a #Poopie Parody of The Chainsmokers #Selfie Song

Two things you never want to hear from a lady: "Wait... When did I eat corn?" and "all I've been eating in kale chips and

Daniel Tosh’s ‘Beats By Dre’ Parody Is Perfect

Hear what you want.... while walking into the abortion clinic.

How Awkward Is It to Get a Hand Job From Someone New for the First Time?

It was sophomore year of high school. Her name was Emily. We weren't dating but we found ourselves in my parent's basement exploring each other's

Bro Perfectly Parodies the Beats by Dre Commercial

When you steal your coworkers' food and your boss's time, walking through the office can be tough. So like Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Garnett before you,

1776 Mike Francesa is Amazing

The real Mike Francesca is probably a big fan of this video because he has an amazing sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too

‘Around the Horn’ as ‘Breaking Bad’ Really Works

Breaking Bad returns to our lives on Sunday night and everyone in the world is excited about it. The gang over at Around the Horn

The 5 Best Porn Parodies Ever Made

Since the tender age of 16—okay, 14—porn became a daily viewing habit of mine; and masturbating, a daily exercise. Now that

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Obama,’ A Parody of ‘Lincoln’ Method Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

One of the highlights of last night's White House Correspondents Dinner a.k.a. #nerdprom was this short video. Set up a spoof of Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln,"

Vanderbilt’s Zeta Beta Tau Makes a Fratastic Parody of the Animal Cruelty PSA

Says a tipster: "Here is a video created for the off campus ZBT boys at Vanderbilt after one of their ridiculous parties." It's a parody

If You Hate Indie Movies, You’ll Love This Trailer

Cheap production. Brooding actors. Vague voiceovers that make you ponder life. 

Huey Lewis and Weird Al Parody ‘American Psycho’ in Tremendous Funny or Die Clip

You like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a bit too new wave for my taste, but when.... Eh, I'm not going

‘The First Honest Cable Company’ Ad Hilariously Skewers Your Worst Enemies

Also have a vendetta against America's least-liked companies? This ad is for you.

The Trailer for ‘Sex Toy Story - The XXX Parody’ Has Arrived, Because Nothing Is Sacred

Because nothing is sacred, WoodRocket.com (the site behind the Harlem Shake porn version) has created a "Toy Story" porn parody called "Sex Toy Story." Billed as

‘Game Shop,’ a Parody of Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ About Video Games

My favorite parody of Macklemore's "Thift Shop" to date is still the self-explanatory "Pot Shop." BUT, this is a close second. IGN's "Game Shop" parody might

‘Pot Shop’: A Parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop About Smoking the Chronic

Here's a brilliant stoner spoof of Macklemore's Thrift Shop by comedian Steve Berke. Just as the title suggests, it's all about blazin and smokin. Hey, is

Great Apple Maps Parody Reveals the Obvious Reason Why the iOS6 Maps Were So Terrible

Of course. This was just an excuse for Apple to completely reconfigure the earth. How did we not realize this? 

The Les Misérables Trailer, Reimagined for Broke, Poor, and Jobless Liberal Arts College Students

Are you majoring in philosophy, anthropology, English, theater, or some other liberal arts discipline? Enjoy all that small talk with older relatives about your inevitable

In ‘Bane Outtakes 2’ Batman’s Nemesis Just Wants to Throw a Solid Holiday Party

It's amazing that parody YouTubers are just now figuring out that Bane has the same advantage as Darth Vader: You can literally make him say

The 7 Best Episode Blurbs From the Modern Seinfeld Twitter Account

If you’re like me, then your life has been an unspeakable hell since the last new episode of “Seinfeld” aired May 14, 1998. Sure, there

With This Dorky Tribute Video, Seattle Seahawks Rookie QB Russell Wilson Officially Arrives

I wanted to hate this so much, but the guy’s smooth voice and casual beats won me over. Now it’s stuck in my head, I’m

‘In the Club Tonight’ Points Out That All Party Jams Sound the Same

Has your inner cynic ever realized that all club songs sound remarkably similar? Axis of Awesome sure has, and dammit if they didn’t make a

‘Gotham High’ Makes the Batman Series into a ‘90s Teen Movie

The hours this must have taken... Wow.

This Parody Perfecly Explains How Toilets Are Like Facebook

Facebook's "Things That Connect Us" commercial is pretty easy to make fun of. After all, there are plenty of "things that connect us" besides Facebook.

The Facebook Police Would Sure Solve a Lot of Problems

Think before you put stupid sh*t on Facebook or these guys will hunt you down and kill you.

The Best ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody You’ll Watch This Weekend

It's official: This song is driving us all insane.

The ‘Thank You, Facebook’ Song Will Make You Barf

Facebook went public on Friday and people lost their minds accordingly. It’s become the most-traded stock as millions lined up for the chance to buy

‘The Ivy League Hustle’ Claims Princeton is Better Than Everyone Else

Women trying to be funny is like women trying to excel at feats of strength: only the very best can compete with a man. And

‘Are You Ready for Some Futbol?’: A Parody for the Chelsea- Bayern Munich UEFA Cup Final

Unlike good ole Reggie Noble, I've always kind of been a "who cares" soccer fan besides the World Cup. Regardless, I couldn't help

Perhaps the Most Perfect ‘2 Broke Girls’ Parody Trailer Ever

CBS's formulaic, run-of-the-mold sitcom about two Brooklyn 20-somethings is full of suck. However, if you've never watched the show and aren't exactly sure

Fresh Prince In Paris: A ‘Ni**as In Paris’ Parody

This is so radically 90s and i love it. Some spliced together clips of Will Smith dancing in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Does This ‘Crackas In Austin’ Rap Video Bring Shame to Longhorns Fans Everywhere?

Show of hands if you actually laughed at this video. These college rap "parody" videos keep getting worse and worse and worse. The

Here’s Our Only Jeremy Lin Post of the Day

We almost did it. We almost went an entire day without a Jeremy Lin post. We resisted the urge to mention him when

Here’s Vanilla Ice Singing an Indie Rock Version of ‘Ice, Ice Baby’/‘Ninja Rap’

Did you ever think you'd live to see Vanilla Ice rebrand himself as an indie rock hipsters? Yep, me either. Last I heard,

Jimmy Fallon Invents the ‘Tebowie,’ Spoofing Tim Tebow and David Bowie

What do you get when combine Tim Tebow with a song from the very eccentric David Bowie? "Tebowie," of course.

Watch the Spoof Trailer for ‘Drink’, a Parody of ‘Drive’

The same guys who dropped "The Brocial Network" and "The Frat Tree of Life" last year are back with another perfect parody, this

The Ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Washington University Present a Rendition of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’

If you're in college, you're probably studying for finals or writing a paper and could use a little distraction. So why not be