rugby bros

Ladies, Get At These University Of Michigan Rugby Bros Who Did A Taylor Swift Video


The University of Michigan's rugby team made a video to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," which is apparently a thing.


This ‘Kanye Is Fashion’ Instagram Account Is The Only One You Need To Visit Today, Or Ever


Kanye West thinks he is the master of anything and everything he touches.


This ‘Gym For Millennials’ Parody Would Make Bank If It Were Real


This parody video hilariously portraying a fictional gym "with millennials in mind" will probably be a reality in less than two years.

taken forever

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Next 30 ‘Taken’ Movies


In case you missed it, Liam Neeson is back with Taken.


What If The ‘SERIAL’ Podcast Was A Rom-Com?


Have you guys listened to SERIAL, the sensational podcast by the producers of NPR's This American Life.

bad santa

This ‘Fifty Shades Of Santa’ Parody Is Here To Destroy Any Remnant You Had Left Of Your Childhood


I think this video's description pretty much says it all: "This Christmas, the new "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie meets Santa and his sack.

shake it off

Best Taylor Swift Parody Ever Is About Shaking It Off After You Take A Pee


The story behind this homespun Taylor Swift parody is that it comes from college kids who were "very bored and decided to make a music video.


This Edited The Amazon Echo Commercial Made The Echo A Sassy Bitch And It’s 100x Better Than The Original


According to the original commercial the Amazon Echo can be used to find out anything and everything such as the news and weather, and it can also play music if you ask.

Porn parodies

An ‘Orgy Of Bill Murrays’ Is Creepy Enough To Check Out Just To Say You Did


In the next couple days, someone is going to ask you "did you see that Bill Murray orgy thing.

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