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Here’s a Super, Super Painful Collection of Parkour Fails

Is there any "sport" with a steeper learning curve than parkour?

Parkour Expert vs. Average Man Is Hilariously Accurate

Here is something to consider the next time you're thinking about dipping your toe into the parkour pool. That something, of course, is how average you are.

Start Your Monday with Five Minutes of Parkour Runners Falling Down

Ah, the Monday after Thanksgiving break. One of the worst of the year! Scientists have pinpointed the third Monday in January as the saddest of

Real-Life ‘Mirror’s Edge’ Makes for an Insane Parkour Video

This parkour run, courtesy of Ampisound, is better than anything you were ever able to do on Mirror's Edge. But worse than this.

This POV Parkour Video Will Amaze, and Possibly Make You Dizzy

Yeah, we're not trying this. POV Parkour in Cambridge, UK: Crazy shit.

These Top 5 Parkour Fails Will Make You Inexplicably Gleeful

Something about knowing exactly how all of these end makes it all the more exciting. Human nature is odd.  

‘Do You Even Lift?’ Is a Collection of Absolutely Ridiculous Gym Parkour

I'm stunned this didn't end with the the Sultans Gym scene from "Final Destination 3."

Watch a Parkour Runner Make a Huge Five-Story Gap Jump While Wearing a GoPro Camera

YouTube comments typically represent some of the worst the Internet has to offer, but in this absolutely nuts jump video, there's a great exception.

Watch ‘Peter Parkour,’ London’s Spiderman, Leap and Crawl Across the City Rooftops

Have a cool skill, find a related movie character,  apply crafty name. All it takes to become an instant sensation and/or movie studio viral marketing

Take 13 Seconds of Your Time to Watch This Parkour Runner Fall Through a Roof

Really doesn't get any better than this. Sweet, sweet karma for participation in one of the dumbest sports known to man.

Tret Is a Dog That Does Parkour

I was barely able to train my dog to give me her paw and to not sh*t on the carpet, and this guy trained his

If You’re Into Dubstep and Watching People Do Flips, Watch the Damien Walters 2011 Showreel

"Parkour" isn't really my cup of tea. I just don't really get the appeal of watching someone do aerobatics off park benches or

Hardc*re Parkour Guy Tries to Go Big; Fails

A few nights ago I re-watch "The Office" episode from 2009 where Michael Scott finally "discovers" the whole hardc*re parkour craze. Amazingly, two years later,

Hardc*re Parkour Failure Causes Dude to Poop Himself

I have no idea what constitutes "hardc*re parkour" but this talent claims that is what he is attempting to do. Some real hardc*re acrobatics on