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Bet You Didn’t Plan on Watching a Dude Park a Backhoe Today

A man’s worth is solely determined by how well he operates machinery. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. By that standard, this fella is the

Here’s a Tremendously Stupid Parking Fail for You to Point, Laugh At

I won’t sleep until I identify the world’s worst driver. The lady who got in three accidents in the span of two minutes and 12

Guy in Darth Vader Suit Argues With New York City Cop Over Parking Ticket

When video surfaced of Batman getting pulled over by police for speeding, we all laughed and wondered what kind of guy is into that kind

Guinness World Record For Tightest Parallel Parking Beat in Impressive Fashion

We've all seen this power-slide parking move in Hollywood, but never before has anyone done it when their car was less than 6 inches  --

Watch a Brooklyn Man Parallel Park Like a Douche

Yesterday Animal New York received this video of a guy parallel parking in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Writes the tipster to ANY: "I was leaving

Watch This German Guy Parallel Park Like a Boss and Set a World Record for a Hot Second

This probably is the first (and last) post in BroBible history about the enthralling world of competitive parking. Turns out, it's a thing...