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You’ll Never Believe How Much Money Paris Hilton Got Paid to DJ in Ibiza

A shit ton.

The Only Appropriate Reactions You Could Ever Have To Paris Hilton’s New ‘Music’ Video, As Told Through Gifs

Buckle your seatbelts ya assholes, we're about to drive through a shitstorm in a turdmobile.

Paris Hilton’s Brother Assaulted in Hit Ordered by Lindsay Lohan

Wait... what?

Paris Hilton Strips Down for Terry Richardson, and It’s a Blast from the Past

It physically pains us to say that Paris Hilton hasn't aged over the last decade. Is she, however, still a horrible person? Yes.

Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne’s New Video for ‘Good Time’ Is a Musical Car Crash


Lil Wayne Is the Star Of Paris Hilton’s New EDM Song

Is this real life? Everything is meaningless, including Lil Wayne's pre-2009 career accomplishments. Here's his verse on Paris Hilton's EDM "bangerz!!!": "I'm f**ked up ... I

Lil Wayne’s Career Is Officially Over

Finished. Over. Kaput. He's always been a whore for guest appearances, but this is other-level sh*t. This is a guy who has just given up.

Why More People Need to Be Like a Drunk Paris Hilton

Recently, Anna Kendrick (Queen of the nerd boners aka, the hot chick in Twilight - and if you’re thinking of Kristen Stewart you better come

Afrojack Dumps Paris, And Shaun White Killin’ It With Sexiest Woman Alive

We may not hawk tabloids like a BBM-crazed sophomore girl sporting greek yogurt and a full-on sweat-suit, but yesterday’s rumor mill certainly caught our eye.

Hottie Index: Which Hottie Blew Away Coachella Last Week?

After a few years of the same old song and dance, we decided to give the Hottie Index a little bit of a makeover. Like