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Paris Hilton Doesn’t Want Anyone To See Her Shove A Foot-Long In Her Mouth


Paris Hilton is in New York, and when she's in the Big Apple, she likes to visit all of her favorite haunts.

Paris Hilton hardees commercial

Behind the scenes of Hannah Ferguson’s hot Carl’s Jr. commercial


You know what's even better than SI Swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson's sexy Carl's Jr.

Paris Hilton sex tape

Paris Hilton compared herself to Albert Einstein, talked sex tape, other jibberish


Paris Hilton recently did an interview in which she compared herself to Albert Einstein because they share the same zodiac sign, Aquarius.

Paris Hilton

The Only Appropriate Reactions You Could Ever Have To Paris Hilton’s New ‘Music’ Video, As Told Through Gifs


Buckle your seatbelts ya assholes, we're about to drive through a shitstorm in a turdmobile.

Paris Hilton new song

Paris Hilton’s new video for her song ‘Come Alive’ is comedic genius


What do you mean Paris Hilton's new music video for her song "Come Alive" isn't supposed to be funny.

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