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Mother Discovers Son Is Dead After Smelling His Decomposing Body

Talk about terrible.

The Do’s and Don’ts of When Your Parents Visit You At College

Your first year of college is a scary time...for your parents.

Parents Dish on How They Know Their Kids Are Masturbating

And your childhood is ruined.

Parents Of The Year Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby Using Cardboard

Baby explotation is the best kind of explotation. No one gets hurt. 

6 Reasons Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Text

Parents text some WEIRD stuff... 

4 Ways to Keep Your Parents Away From Your New Place

Congratulations! You're now making enough money to get a place of your own. You've left your roommate behind -- the guys using all your toothpaste

8 Excuses For Missing Your Parents’ Phone Calls the First Few Weeks of College

“Why haven’t you answered our phone calls?” is one of the top three opening lines you will hear from your parent’s the day you decide

Getting Through Those Few Awkward Hours of Your Parents Moving You Into College

The drive up to school is excruciating. It might be your mom insisting you find a church immediately and hang up the rosary Grandma made

An Open Letter to Parents Who Bring Their Kids to Music Festivals

Dear Couple who brought their kids to a Music Festival,

‘Pass The Pipe, Mom’: Parents Are Smoking Marijuana Now, Probably Because They Have to Deal with Us

If you’re not looking to read another piece by a 20 something on a MacBook about why we should just fucking legalize it, man, feel

8 Easy Ways for College Kids to Hugely Disappoint Their Parents

We like to think that our parents love us. But as college gets the best of us, it's pretty easy to put that to the

21-Year-Old College Student Granted Stalking Order Against Overly-Obsessive and Protective Parents

Aubrey Ireland is a 21-year-old musical theater major at Cincinnati‘s College-Conservatory of Music. Her parents, David and Julie Ireland, have made her life at college

6 Questions You’ll Be Asked at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table, and How to Avoid Answering Them

As a major holiday, Thanksgiving is one of the yearly leaders in forced dinner conversations. The collective effort to avoid silence at all costs is

7 Things Parents Will Never Understand

I’m an only child (or I was, I guess. Now I’m just an awkward adult). Contrary to popular belief, being my parents’ sole offspring did

I Do This Every Single Day, Plus Today’s Best Links

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High School Student’s Diploma Withheld After He Tebows During Graduation

When Chuck Shriner’s buddies bet him $5 he wouldn’t Tebow while receiving his high school diploma, he knew he’d just made some easy money. What

Video: Dad of the Century Teaches Tough Love By Shooting Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post

Kids these days are ungrateful punks. Some could even say that the 24/7 social media deluge only makes it worse. So, after finding