all the feels

Colorblind Dad Can Barely Keep From Crying In Front Of His Kids When He Sees True Color For The First Time


If you bros have been following my blogs so far this week you might've noticed by now that I'm on a bit of an inspirational and 'all the feels' kick.


Bro Surprises His Parents With A Trip To Hawaii For Their 50th Anniversary And CHOO CHOO! All Aboard The FEELS TRAIN


I fully understand that this video has nothing to do with me or Mother's Day (yesterday), but the timing of this video has never made me feel any worse of a son.

the american judicial system

A Judge Ruled That Taking A Child To A Pink Concert Is Not Considered Bad Parenting


Today in groundbreaking legal news, a judge in New Jersey has actually made a ruling in a divorce case that taking one's child to a Pink concert cannot be considered bad parenting.

truth or drink

Kids Ask Parents Embarrassing Questions Like ‘Have You Ever Had A Threesome’ In Truth Or Drink Game

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Back in February, the good people at Cut Video recorded video of couples playing a game of "Truth or Drink.

jay cutler

Jay Cutler Attempted To Watch His Kids And ‘All Hell Broke Loose,’ According To Text Messages To Kristin Cavallari


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler takes enough heat for his play on the field from fans and foes alike.


Dad And 6-Month Old Son Win Halloween With This Insane MechWarrior Costume

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As a coworker in the office just said "that's an insane commitment to Halloween.

angry birds

Angry Dad Loses His Shit After Son Deletes His Angry Birds App, Has Complete Meltdown


This is a video of a man who's likely unhappy in other areas of his life, and when Angry Birds, his one bastion of hope and bliss is lost, he has a complete meltdown.

weird news

CEO Gets Owned In Letter From Daughter — Feels So Bad He Quits His Job


The head of a $2 trillion dollar investment fund quit his job and it all started with his daughter refusing to brush her teeth.

road rage

I Can’t Stop Watching This Crazy Lady Road Rage In Front Of Her Son, Someone PLEASE Stop Her


So apparently road rage (and awful women drivers) aren't endemic to just the mainland, and Hawaii is also home to its fair share of batshit crazy.

mother of the year

Mom Hits 2 Cars, Blows .413 BAC Trying To Pick Kid Up From School: Would You Hit It?

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A 27-year-old mom from Florida found herself in hot water after she tried to pick her kid up from elementary school drunk, according to reports.


Kid’s First Ride In The Front Seat Leads To His Father Teaching Him A Painful Lesson About Wearing A Seatbelt


Here we see what is either a very unfortunate coincidence, or some cold hard parenting about wearing a seatbelt.


12 gifts you should never, EVER buy for new parents


  A child is born and the immediate response from everyone close to proud new parents is "WE MUST BUY A GIFT RIGHT NOW.

weird parenting facts

Yo mama so weird she let you pee inside her, and other weird parenting facts


Be prepared to have your mind blown apart by these weird a$$ facts pertaining to your very own mother.

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