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What It’s Like to Raise a Bro, From One of Our Mothers

Mine, to be precise.

This Video Shows Exactly How Kids Are Total Dickheads And Why You Should Never Have Any

In case you were ever thinking about it, think again.

Worst Person in the World Shoves Scared Kid Off Skate Ramp

How not to get children into skateboarding.

Father Abandons Child in Pursuit of Spring Training Baseball, Panic and Hilarity Ensue

What's really important in life?

A Florida Girl Beat Up Her Mother For Taking Away Her Hookah

Florida girl! A new entry into the Florida person category. This Florida girl is in hot water after beating up […]

Mother of the Year Drops Her Son to Catch Hockey Stick at Los Angeles Kings Game

What would you do for a game-used hockey stick? Would you sacrifice your child’s safety? For this Los Angeles Kings fan, the answer is yes.

Watch an 11-Year-Old Crush the Landing on His First Ski Jump

Today's edition of Great Moments in Parenting comes from YouTuber Bryan O'Sullivan, who filmed his 11-year-old attempting his very first ski jump and, most importantly,

‘The Flip Side’ Uproariously Shows What Would Happen if Parents and Kids Switched Roles

The birds and the bees take on a whole new meaning. 

Parent of the Year Names Her Kid ‘Hashtag’ As the Mayan Apocalypse Nears

If you're looking for a good test to see which of your Facebook friends are a few ants short of a picnic, find the guys

Warranted? Parents Punish Teenage Daughter by Making Her Hold Sign Listing Her Transgressions

Your public shaming of the day. Do these parents go too far?

‘I Feel Dizzy’ Kid Gets His Remix

Young Matthew here is going through the tried-and-true stages of Internet fame. First, a viral video of him groggy from surgery was posted to YouTube

Next Week’s Time Cover Features Plenty of Breast-Sucking

In 1966, Time magazine’s cover famously declared God dead. Next week’s cover declares that a woman’s breast is a wonderful place to put one’s mouth. OK,

Alicia Silverstone Is a Bird

We know very little about parenting around here, but this seems totally weird. The “Clueless” star posted this video on her blog over