whisky in car seat

Father of the year uses car seat to cradle his whisky, not his baby


One whisky loving father was tossed behind bars down in Henry County, Georgia after he was pulled over and police discovered he was using the car seat to cradle his hooch, and not his two-year-old son riding in the front seat.

worst parents

Worst parents ever? A gallery of SHOCKING parenting Fails


Let’s be real: Not everyone has the common sense to raise a child in today’s world where proudly unfit parents run wild without a care in the world.

Parenting fails

Son Calls His Father a Pussy, Gets Kicked In the Face


Regardless of why or how this happened, this is a brutal fucking video.


Dad’s attempt to push kid on swing could not end more poorly


Kids always want to try to swing all the way over the bar on the top of a swing set.


Oblivious mom leads her kids right into oncoming traffic


They teach you at like three years old that you have to look both ways before crossing the street.

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