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The Fine Art of Bullshitting Your Way Through Any Paper

It’s a sinking feeling, but I’m not on a roller coaster, stuck on a shipwreck, or battling vertigo.

This “Paper” on Rosa Parks Earned an A-Minus for a North Carolina Athlete?


The Irish Times Had a Hilarious Header Fail, Suggests We ‘Eat Out Catherine Cleary’

Zero quality control at the Irish Times, huh? That, or they don't call cunnilingus what we call cunnilingus and now we look like perverts for pointing

Website Hires Unemployed College Professors to Write Essays for Students

Talk about a site that's just daring you to get on its level. 

Who’s the Professor That Decided to Be This Much of a D-Bag About Paper Margins?

This popped up on Reddit today and it enraged us so much that we had to share. College professors can be awfully nit-picky, but mesuring