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Explosion of Pizza Dough Inside Recycling Bin Looks Way More Awesome Than It Sounds

Papa John’s is investigating an insane explosion behind one of its location in the UK. Papa John’s in the UK? […]

This is What an Email Chain Between Peyton Manning and Papa John Looks Like

Peyton Manning and Papa John's are business partners (sort of). I've managed to intercept an email chain between the two of them. Peyton is kind

Papa John Is Allegedly a Big Drinking Lightweight

Yesterday BroBible "broke" the photo of Papa John's founder, CEO, and spokesperson John Schnatter after Lousisville's National Championship win. Now that the photo has gone

Here Is a Girl Hitting a Half Court Shot, and Winning Papa Johns for an Entire College Arena

Papa John recently raised prices on his pizza, attributing the hike to having to pay for his employees' Obamacare. Looks like this gal has made

Woman Dials a Man’s House Thinking It Was Papa John’s, Man Messes With Her For 6 Minutes

Evidently this guy's phone number is 1-digit away from the local Papa John's and he is tired of people calling his house by mistake. Rather