spring break 2015

Fox News Visited Spring Break In Panama City Beach Again And Are Still Horrified At The Debauchery


Last year, Fox News sent a reporter to Panama City Beach, Florida get the scoop on what goes on at Spring Break.

spring break 2015

Girls Tell The Most Ratchet Thing They’ve Done On Spring Break And Wow There’s Been A Lot Of Sex On Panama City Beach


The pranksters over at FoolinTv took time out of their hilarious hijinx to take things more seriously and interview some lovely ladies on Spring Break at Panama City Beach.


‘Church’ Loses Its Tax-Exempt Status After Being Outed As Nightclub Throwing Naked Paint Parties


A 'church' in Panama City Beach, Florida has lost its tax-exempt status after authorities discovered it to be nothing more than a nightclub throwing naked paint parties and spring break ragers.

spring break fight

Guy Tries To Punch Girl On The Beach During PCB Spring Break, Gets Knocked Out Cold

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Spring Break 2015 in Panama City Beach simply cannot get out of its own way.


600-Pound, 10-Foot Mako Shark Caught On The Sands Of PCB Just Feet From Spring Breakers


It's peak Spring Break down in Panama City Beach with pool and beach goers raging non-stop, but as all that goes on fishermen are down at the beach reeling in 600-pound mako sharks capable of eating human beings.

dak prescott

New Video Shows Miss St QB Dak Prescott Getting Kicked In The Head During Brutal Attack At Waka Flocka Concert

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Earlier tonight we reported that Miss St QB Dak Prescott was attacked at a Waka Flocka concert in Panama City Beach, Florida.

spring break

The Panama City Holiday Inn Pool Webcam Is Back For Spring Break And It’s GLORIOUS


For the past three years, we've posted about the most incredible spring break webcam to watch during the month of March: The Panama City Beach Holiday Inn's pool webcam.


Jaws: Spring Break? Great White Shark Caught From A Beach In Panama City, Florida


A juvenile great white shark has been caught from the beach in Panama City, Florida by a group of fishermen known as the Dark Side Sharkers.

Spring Break

White Bro Tries to Fight Multiple Black Bros at Once on Spring Break, Will Not Accept Defeat


After you graduate and you become a corporate drone, spring break fight videos are probably the best part about spring break.

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