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Earthquake or Supervillain Makes New Island in Pakistan

Science says the world's newest island is the result of an earthquake in Pakistan. We aren't so sure. 

A Protester in Pakistan Died After Inhaling Fumes from a Burning American Flag

Hard not to ignore what's been going on in world affairs lately, as the Middle East continues to experience upheaval over outrage from "The Innocence

Greetings From Karachi, Pakistan, a Spaghetti Western In Real Life

Last year, The Economist called Karachi, Pakistan -- a urban center roughly the size of Los Angeles -- "a hell for ordinary folks." Over the

Hey, Want To See A 40-Foot Whale Shark?

A 40-foot long whale shark was discovered near Larachi, Pakistan in the Arabian Sea. It took at least five cranes to reel in

MUST-WATCH VIDEO: American Troops, ‘60 Minutes’ Crew Come Under Enemy Fire in Afghanistan

If you were watching yesterday's Broncos-Colts game on CBS yesterday, you probably saw and heard umpteen promos for the season premiere of "60 Minutes," especially