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James Franco Posted His Paintings of a Naked Seth Rogen on Instagram. They Are Terrifying

This is not how most of us pay homage to our friends.

It Has Come to This: Artist Paints Portrait of Miley Cyrus…With His Tongue

Slow news day... 

Bob Ross Gets Remixed, and I’m Suddenly Very Happy

I can't begin to tell you how many lazy weekend mornings I spent as a kid flipping channels, stumbling on a Bob Ross marathon, then

‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ Contestant Shows Off Amazing Talent of Painting With Bare Breasts

Uh, this is a thing that happened.   Duangjai Jansaunoi was a contestant on “Thailand’s Got Talent.” Her talent was painting with her body, most namely

This is the Most Hardcore Way to Paint

Not only is this a terrific way to paint a room, it’s a fail-proof way to give your hair some volume. It seems

Woman Uses a Basketball to Paint Giant Yao Ming Portrait

Sadly, Yao Ming is gone from the NBA. He lives on only in our artistic rememberances. Here, a woman pays her respects to

Atlanta Falcons DE Ray Edwards Commissioned This Epic Oil Painting of Himself and Str*pper

Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards recently took somewhat of a fondness for a str*pper named LaStarya Thompson. Just adorable! So he comissioned an artist

Here’s Rickie Fowler Painting a Jackson Pollock With Golf Balls

I have no idea what Rickie Fowler was trying to achieve with this publicity stunt for Puma, but here he is making Pollock-esque splatter paintings.