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Charlie Day Previewed ‘Always Sunny’ Season 9 On Conan And It Looks Hysterical

Ensuring us all that the 9th season of It's Always Sunny of Philadelphia had no chance of falling off, Charlie Day premiered a brand new

Charlie Day Visits the Tonight Show, Jay Leno Digs Up a Bagel Commercial Day Was In 10 Years Ago

A treat here almost as good as Thomas' Bagels. Always Sunny favorite Charlie Day went on Leno last night to promote his upcoming role in the new

Check Out Dope Explosions Galore in this Ridiculous Final ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer

As Baltimore drug-dealing legend Stringer Bell notes, the apocolypse is being cancelled. 

Watch a Kickass New Trailer for ‘Pacific Rim,’ Starring…. Charlie Day?!?!?!

Not going to lie: I NEVER saw this coming in the first trailer for WB's Pacific Rim, In a new trailer for the sci-fi summer monster flick, Charlie

The ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer Is Coming to Get You

Is Pacific Rim the name of a sex move? It should be.