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Overly Attached Girlfriend Reads Taylor Swift Lyrics, Freaks Me Out

Laina Walker's whole "Overly Attached Girlfriend" is an act, but that doesn't mean this isn't my worst nightmare. Anything involving Taylor's Swifts lollipops-and-appltini-wit-my-girlz fantasyland is my

Jimmy Tatro Goes On a Blind Date With Overly Attached Girlfriend, Creepiness Ensues

Overly Attached Girlfriend, when not looking all crazy and shit, is actually kind of hot. 

Jimmy Tatro and Overly Attached Girlfriend Make Funny Video on ‘Normally Attached Girlfriends’

It appears you can make a career out of a meme. The girl from Overly Attached Girlfriend recently teamed up with Jimmy Tatro to make

Text Thursdays: Overly Attached Girlfriend, Holidays Edition, Plus 20 More Funny Text Messages

Best part of the week: Text Thursdays, our weekly round-up of funny text message threads full of FAIL, LOL, and WTF?! This week: Beware, it's

Jimmy Tatro Breaks Up with ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’

Holy crap, Jimmy Tatro did a video with the Internet's most notorious girlfriend nightmare, Laina a.k.a. "Overly Attached Girlfriend." And she's just as terrifying as

‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Is Back With a New Video and the Song Sounds Familiar

First, she was just the girl who created that creepy Justin Bieber video. Then, she became the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" meme, mankind's worst nightmare.

‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Is Every Guy’s Worst Nightmare In Meme Form

As you'll recall, last week we posted a creepy and kinda terrifying rap from an obsessive Justin Bieber fan. A few days after her web