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Here’s OutKast’s Full Performance From Coachella

It's very good, as is to be expected.

The 2014 Firefly Lineup Is Sure to Pair Nicely with the Drugs You Plan on Taking There

Heck, the announcement video itself is so good you should get stoned to watch it (it was produced by the White Panda).

OutKast Is Most Likely Coming to a City Near You

Unless you live in like Billings, Montana, but in that case you are probably mostly likely used to being excluded from the lists of cities that

30 Bands That We Want to Tour One More Time

Garth Brooks spent the last 16 years doing something that only a few artists have been able to do, give up the thing they loved

Here’s a Picture of Big Boi Hanging With Andre 3000, Meaning the Outkast Reunion IS Happening

Hope springs eternal. The Outkast reunion does seem to be happening. Last night, Big Boi posted a series of pics to his Instagram account which

OutKast Could Reunite for Coachella This Summer

Hey Yes! Rumors are swirling that OutKast could be reuniting next summer. 

The Isolated Vocals for Outkast’s ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’ Will Blow Your Mind

"Bombs Over Baghdad's" breathless, mind-numbingly fast Andre 3000 intro—which seems to blaze even faster after "Then I might cast you a spell, look at what

The Essential Big Boi: Must-Have Tracks from the Winter Elixir Headliner

Editor’s Note: This is the latest story in our new series, “The Essentials,” in which writers round up what they consider the "essential" tracks of