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The Incredibly Painful Story of a Man’s Balls Getting Stuck In a Beach Chair After a Swim

Best. Shrinkage. Story. Ever.

Vince McMahon Lost $350 Million in a 24-Hour Period

Coffee burned your tongue?

Soccer Goalie Takes It To the Face In Most Agonizing Goal Ever

Ouch, ouch, ouch... Poor Bro.

Wisconsin Prep Hockey Game Featured Devastating Hit

Blow'd up.

Bored? Watch an ‘Instant Karma’ Compilation

Haha, people are dumb. Instant karma's gonna getcha.

Bachelor Chops Off Penis, Then Cycles to Hospital for Treatment

Another day, another tale of horrific gential injury. And this news out of China may really cause you to unconsciously grab your junk: On Sunday, a 26-year-old

Watch a Guy Get Kicked WILLINGLY In the Balls 10 Times Without Flinching Outside a Bar

Well this is certainly one disturbing video. Also, it's rather amazing. It comes from our good friend Shot of Ginn, who offers the following explanation:

Bros Attempt a Skimboard High-Five, It Goes Wrong in Hilarious Fashion

Look, folks, I'll be frank: We post a lot of videos of bros hurting themselves. But this one—this 30-second beauty—is truly special. In short, a

Bored? Watch a Compilation of Tremendous Nutshots

We may think of ourselves as cultured, but everyone—EVERYONE—laughs at a nutshot.

Bro Does Backflip Off Baseball Scoreboard on to Fence, His Nutsack Absorbs the Entire Landing

Walking away from that requires balls of steel or a complete lack of genitalia. From the looks of it, he failed to meet either of

UNC Lacrosse Player Takes a Painful Shot to the Nuts By a Duke Laxer

In the fourth-quarter of Wednesday night's Duke-UNC lacrosse game, the Tar Heels' Jimmy Bitter takes a nasty nut shot from a Dukie. OUCH.

This Is What Happens When You’re Drunk and Don’t See Bus Stop Glass

It's all fun and games until a giant thing of glass goes boom. 

Santa Claus Cracked His Face Off the Rim During a Dunk Attempt at Rockets-Bulls Game Last Night

A neck is NOT supposed to unhinge like that, you guys. 

Bro Does a Trust Fall, and It Does Not End Well

Not only does this guy fall from a height that seems, to us at least, waaay higher than the normal height for a trust fall,

Two MMA Fighters Achieve the Rare, but Scary Double Knockout via Simultaneous Headbutts

Tough to watch, but at the same time diffcult to look away. 

Here’s a 90-Second Video Of Belly-Flops

There are few things funnier than somebody belly flopping, whether it's intended or by accident. Set those belly-flops to some pretty epic music (1812 Overture)

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Deadlift 538 Pounds

Obviously part of being a man is slightly exaggerating your bench and deadlift stats. Keyword, slightly. 

The Shin-Kicking Championships Exists and It’s Fantastic

From over the pond comes the next sport sure to take over the United States. I'm talking, of course, about shin-kicking.

Man Sues Hospital Staff For Watching Baseball Instead of Dealing With His Painful Erection

I have a similar complaint around my house most nights, but she’s usually watching “The Bachelorette” or some other reality drivel instead of baseball.