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The Ottawa Senators are Bringing Pesky Back, Claims Awful New Song

Oh, Canada. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

Everyone Was Invited to the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators Fight

There isn’t usually a tremendous amount of fighting in the NHL Playoffs, but the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens bucked that trend last night with

Sadly, Kaspars Daugvins’ Incredible Shootout Move Was Unsuccessful

Ottawa Senators winger Kaspars Daugavins tried an extremely creative move during last night’s shootout with the Boston Bruins. It didn’t work.

For Some Reason, This Ottawa Senators Goal Was Allowed Last Night

The New York Rangers went to Ottawa last night facing elimination and walked away with a win. But the 3-2 decision didn’t come

Kyle Turris Will Not be Popular in New York City

Kyle Turris wasted no time breaking the collective hearts of New York Rangers fans in overtime last night, scoring 2:42 into the extra

Beware, Rangers Fans, The Ottawa Senators Have a Hip-Hop Anthem

The New York-Ottawa series begins tonight at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers had the best record in the Eastern Conference. But the Senators