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OSU Football Player Shows His Body Transformation After Two Years of Working with an NCAA Strength Coach

His hair even underwent a stunning transformation.

Watch Random Ohio State Student Beat Most Players on OSU Football Team in 40-Yard Dash, Including Star RB

When Urban Meyer urged regular students at Ohio State University to come out and compete in a 40-yard-dash against his well-oiled football machines he didn't

OSU’s Amir Williams Accidentally Attributes Good Play to His Coach Being ‘On My Dick’

Innocent slip of the tongue? Of course. Should anyone read anything into this? Absolutely not. There is, however, probably a reason why this happened.   My theory:

Oregon State’s Cheerleaders Dancing to ‘Chainsaw’ Just Made Me an OSU Fan

Song is catchy as hell. The babes are gyrating just the way daddy likes. And Oregon State Beavers just got themselves a new fan. Nothing

Watch the Ohio State Marching Band’s Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Prepared to be entertained. Ohio State destroyed Nebraska 63-38 in Columbus yesterday. But let's talk about the Ohio State Marching Band's halftime show for a second:

Guess How Much Ohio State Spends on Bow Ties

Life is good for THE Ohio State University president E. Gordon Gee. Life is probably less enjoyable for the taxpayers footing the bill for his

VIDEO: Oklahoma State’s New $4 Million Locker Room is Ballin’

It looks like the last coat of orange and black paint in Oklahoma State's brand new basketball locker room dried just in time for Halloween.