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Important: “12 Years a Slave” Director Steve McQueen Claps Like Les Miles

Who claps like that?

Jimmy Kimmel Turns ‘Keyboard Cat’ and ‘David After Dentist’ Into Hollywood Blockbusters with A-List Talent

In case you went to bed after the envelope for Best Picture was opened last night, you missed Jimmy Kimmel's annual post-Oscars show.

Jared Leto Also Won Last Night for Best Oscars Photobomb

Cue the donkey sounds.

The Oscars Pizza Man is the Hero We Need Right Now

This guy.

Epic GIF of Bradley Cooper Checking Out Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs at the Oscars

This might make things awkward the next time Bradley Cooper works with Jennifer Lawrence.

Matthew McConaughey Wins Best Actor, Gives the Most Mind-Blowing Acceptance Speech Ever

A BroBible dream came true tonight: Long-time Bro King Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Dallas […]

Bill Murray Wins the Oscars With This Tribute to Harold Ramis

This > Ellen’s selfies and pizza delivery all day. Presenting the award for Best Cinematography, Bill Murray gave an awesome […]

Ellen Takes the Most Insane Selfie of All Time

  So this happened. It’s probably going to be the most RT’d thing in Twitter history. Poor Jared Leto. Also, Jennifer […]

Emma Watson Looked Flawlessly HOT at the Oscars

On the Oscar hotness scale, Emma Watson > Jennifer Lawrence.

Here Is a GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Falling Down, Which We, as an Internet Website, Are Required by Law to Post

Social contract type shit.

Pharrell Williams Wore Shorts to the Oscars, Because Pharrell Williams Gives Zero Fucks

Power move, Pharrell Williams. Wearing shorts to Tinseltown’s biggest night of the year, giving zero fucks at all. Like a […]

This Is the Only Oscars Drinking Game You Need This Evening

Just a little Oscars drinking game we came up with here at BroBible x @brotips. Head to the liquor store before […]

Ali G Oscar GIFs

Ali G is BACK!

‘Best Nude Scene,’ ‘Most Social Media Buzz,’ and Other Oscars We’ve Decided to Give Out

I will indeed be picking winners, but winners of fake categories that I made up and that don't exist.

Who Will Win at the Oscars—and Who Should Win

I’m not quite sure how much forethought went into Eddie Vedder’s acceptance speech after being nominated for “Best Hard Rock […]

Here Are 86th Academy Award Nominees For the Categories People Actually Care About

Shame on me, assuming people care about this at all; suggesting that rich, famous people receiving awards is the only thing that gets you out

5 Movies You Need to See Before the Oscars

I love awards season, and I hate awards season. It's self-indulgent for the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes and the Screen Actor’s Guild, and a plethora of

Jennifer Lawrence Should Be Everyone’s Dream Girl Today

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence won a well-deserved Oscar for her turn as Tiffany in "Silver Linings Playbook." Few people are talking, though, about how she

Jennifer Lawrence Takes Mighty Fall While Accepting Her Best Actress Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence captured the Academy Award for best actress last night, a defining moment in what appears to be a limitless career. The best minute

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Asks People on Street if They Were Happy with Fake Oscar Nominations

These are great, and they just keep coming. If you've never seen a Lie Witness sketch, here's the deal: Jimmy Kimmel sends his minions out

Here Are the 2013 Oscar Nominees (You Were Robbed, Affleck!)

Today, the Academy announced its Oscar nominees, like it always does, at 8:30 in the morning. Which means that we're now stuck with a solid

Seth MacFarlane to Host the 2013 Oscars

This guy just can't get a break. Seriously, someone throw Seth MacFarlane a bone.

Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Have a Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night, Stylist Reports

If you’re one of the millions convinced you saw Jennifer Lopez have a very public wardrobe malfunction last night during the Academy Awards, you’re wrong.

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches Potential OWN Shows to Oprah Winfrey

One more bit from last night's post-Oscars Jimmy Kimmel special. Shortly after being honored at the Oscars for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award,

‘Movie: The Movie’—Jimmy Kimmel Parodies Every Movie Ever Made

I'm on my way to mandatory jury duty for the next few days -- God willing they'll deem me unfit to determine a

Here’s Our Official 2012 Oscars Drinking Game

The granddaddy of all awards shows, the Academy Awards, is Sunday night. It's a very classy affair, what with the black ties and commitment to

John Madden, Japanese Fart Scrolls, Snow Circles, and What Movie Wins the Oscar for Most Bro

This week's Bronaza is sponsored by Laron Landry's arms, a fake John Madden, the Charmin Ultra dingle berries in my a**hole, and Glade Plug-ins. If

‘Hugo,’ ‘Artist’ Lead Oscar Nominations; Clooney and Pitt Vie for Best Actor

The Oscar nominations are out and "Hugo" and "The Artist" are leading the way with 11 and 10 each. OK, so they're not the most

The Guide to Every Awards Show, Including, God Willing, the AVNs

Hey everyone, let’s put aside those protests about SOPA and PIPA (I, for one, love Mexican soup, so count me IN) for a second and

Was James Franco High While Hosting the Oscars?

Editor's Note: Welcome to The 4:20 CHRONICle. Everyday at 4:20 p.m. we'll pay tribute to the best time of the day and the best way

The 37 Hottest Women at the 2011 Oscars

The biggest winners at the Oscars last night — besides the filmmakers behind "The King's Speech" — were clearly Mila Kunis ("Black Swan") and

Oscar Predictions in Every Category to Help You Win Your Office Pool

  It was a disappointing year for me at the movies. That's not necessarily a reflection of the quality of films — although I

VIDEO: James Franco Not Ready to Polish Colin Firth’s Oscar Statue Just Yet

As we mentioned in this morning's Oscar nominations article, one of the tightest races of the year is for Best Actor, where Colin Firth's performance

‘King’s Speech,’ ‘True Grit,’ and ‘Social Network’ Lead Oscar Nominations

Back in December, before previewing all the upcoming end-of-2010 movies, I gave my first shot at guessing the 10 films that would garner

The 23 Movies Worth Seeing in December, Plus the 20 Early Contenders for Best Picture

December is upon us, which means that the holiday movie season is hitting full peak and the Oscar season is starting to get feisty. As

The 20 New Movies Worth Checking Out in October

"The Social Network" finally opens in theaters across the country tonight, and with critics hailing the Facebook flick as the movie of the year —