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Stephen Colbert Gloriously Mocks the Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom Bitch-Fest

Last night, Stephen Colbert took a blow from his normal schtick of mocking politics and other world events to tackle this very unimportant story.

Justin Bieber Doubles Down, Posts Crying Pic of Orlando Bloom to Instagram

The beef goes digital.

Justin Bieber Posts, Deletes Photo of Miranda Kerr Shortly After Reportedly Dodging a Punch from Orlando Bloom

Poking the bear.

Orlando Bloom Really Wants to Fuck Taylor Swift

Who doesn't?

Rumor Has It Orlando Bloom Is Tapping Selena Gomez

Gorgeous people like to fuck other gorgeous people.

Miranda Kerr Back on the Market

Orlando Bloom, whose name sounds like a rundown Florida strip club, is taking his winning lottery ticket and tossing it into the fire. He’s divorcing