party at the precinct

Naked Woman Dancing With Cop At Police Station Sparks Investigation Into ‘Orgies’


Apparently the police in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay are living the life.

hot police

Massive Jailbreak In Brazil After Sexy Women Dressed As Cops Show Up And Demand An Orgy


Twenty-eight inmates escaped from a Brazilian jail thanks to a diabolical plan.

University of Georgia

Guess which college basketball team won’t let players have orgies?


In order to play for the University of Georgia basketball team, you need to follow some rules---no drugs, no guns, no arrests and uh, no orgies or gangbangs.

Trent Richardson

There’s a Video Out There of the Colts’ Trent Richardson Having an Orgy


How else are you supposed to prove to your friends you had a Menage a Quatre.


The Cunnilingus Mixer: Three Foods Worse Than Muff Diving


A cunnilingus mixer is a raucous and even borderline psychotic, social orgy that brings together a feisty breed of orgasm addicts and pussy carnivores for a ferocious night of guilt free lickin’ and stickin.

Weird Florida

Couple’s orgy gets unlawful


Two Florida swingers got into a battle royale after they solicited guests for sex, and stayed naked even as cops arrived to arrest them.


Were the Kennedy Brothers and Two Members of the Rat Pack Having Sex Parties with Marilyn Monroe?


Perhaps, according to the FBI's file on Teddy Kennedy, which was released yesterday by the Bureau.

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