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Cops At The University Of Oregon Got Fired For Making A Giant List Of 225 People Who Should Go Eat A Bowl Of Dicks

I don't think I even know 225 people in the first place.

Oregon Couple (Amazingly, Not on Meth) Uses Homemade Moonshie to Set Fire to Pizzeria That Kicked Them Out

Score one for the alcohol is the worst drug crowd.

Oregon Couple Arrested after Leaving Meth as Tip at Restaurant

An couple was arrested last Friday at Twisted Fish Steakhouse in Seaside, Oergon after allegedly leaving methamphetamine as a tip for their server. 

Oregon’s Alamo Bowl Game Uniforms Are Predictably Awesome

Oregon's uniform game is so sick they unveil looks they're not even planning to wear.

Stanford Players Dressed as Nerds For Their Post Game Presser After Whooping Oregon

Stanford's troll efforts for their game against Oregon are worthy of applause. Between this, their GameDay sign, making Josh Huff CRY, and beating the fuck out of them

Oregon’s Josh Huff Cried at the End of the 3rd Quarter Last Night

Stanford topped Oregon last night 26-20—but the (disappointing) game wasn't as close as the final score would indicate. The Cardinal held 23-point lead heading into the

Stanford Bro Comes Up with My New Favorite College Gameday Sign

It's Thursday ngiht and I'm just as excited for college football as I am on Saturday mornings. Why can't there be a Stanford-Oregon game every

The 35 Coolest NCAA Helmets of 2013

Football use to be about hitting and tackling. Today it is more about intimidating your opponent than anything else.

The 21 Coolest College Football Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)

Years ago, NCAA football uniforms were used as a way of distinguishing between players and teams. 

Can a 33-Yard Pass Be a Hail Mary?

This post is really just an excuse to see if we can lock down the true definition of a Hail Mary. I am not sure

Oregon Wearing Pink Helmets and Pink Socks This Weekend

Leave it to Oregon to take the Breast Cancer Awareness game to an unimaginable level. These are the uniforms the Ducks will be wearing Saturday

Stanford’s Football Facility is Quite Nice

Stanford’s quest to match Oregon doesn’t stop on the field. Since it’s 2013, it’s of great importance that their athletic facilities are also comparable. Here’s

The Bottom of Oregon’s Cleats Are Flashy Now

You have to respect Oregon for starting all of this uniform madness. Their style is often mimicked but never replicated. I mean, even the bottom

Oregon’s New Uniforms May Cause Blindness

As we’ve said many times before, no one does uniforms better than Oregon football. It’s fitting, since they were the ones to lob the first

Oregon’s Leaked Neon Lime-Green Football Helmets Look Like Something from an EDC Pipe Dream

Conventional wisdom says that it's far too early in the summer to begin the college football fashion show. But screw that! Indiana's shiny new peppermint

The 20 Most 4:20 Friendly College Campuses in the U.S.

Going to college isn’t just about studying.

Top Ranked Recruit Goes to Oregon, Tweets Out Picture with a Bong Surrounded By Oregon Coeds

Three-star defensive end prospect Davin Bellamy's recruiting trip to Oregon was GREAT.... until he Tweeted out pics of him with a bong. Whoops!

This Guy Got Arrested For Choking His Girlfriend With His Dreadlocks

This is not a headline from the Onion. This dipshit from Portland, Oregon, actually tried to choke his girlfriend with his dreadlocks. I can't imagine

Here’s How Oregon Scored a 1-Point Safety in the Fiesta Bowl

Learning about this rule was very exciting because it means a game could conceivably end with a 1-0 score. Look out, Vegas. I’m coming for

Oregon Will Wear These Badass Uniforms in the Fiesta Bowl

Oregon thinks it’s cute that every other team in the country is getting in on the gimmicky uniform game. They are anything but threatened.

The Oregon Duck Lost His Head Skydiving Yesterday

Oregon and Stanford play each other today. Big game, a lot of implications on the line, etc. But you're here for one thing, really: The

Don’t Think For One Second Oregon Is Going to Lose an Awesome-Uniform Contest

OK. Maryland’s new uniforms are pretty crazy. I’ll admit that. But there is one standard bearer for insane kits and that is Oregon.

The Women’s World Series is Full of Unpleasant Facials

OK, I’ll admit it. I’ve been sneaking some glances at the Women’s College World Series. It’s fast-moving, there’s the occasional babe, and some of these

Oregon’s Spring Football Game Featured an Awesome Tribute to the Troops

The Oregon football program continued its tradition of honoring military members at the annual spring football game on Saturday. Two F-15s flew over

Take a Tour of Oregon’s Ridiculous Football Locker Room

As you might expect, the Oregon football locker room is absolutely awesome. Blessed by the deep pockets of Nike overlord Phil Knight, the

Love Football? Love Marijuana? Go to Oregon

In news that will appall puritans and have virtually no impression on those who live in the real world, a study by ESPN reveals widespread

Oregon ‘Mighty’ Ducks Reveal Thursday’s Retro Jersey

Football powerhouse and uniform innovators for the last decade, Oregon is never a stranger to grabbing headlines. In 2006, USA Today informed the world of

Just So You Know, Nike Is Outfitting the Oregon Cheerleaders With Pro Combat Uniforms Too

As you know, Nike's Pro Combat uniforms are all the rage in college football circuits this year. This morning The Swoosh strategically leaked/teased a

This Epic Hurdle Fail is Painful to Watch

Watching a person take an unfortunate tumble before the finish line is never an easy thing to stomach. We're really hoping this competitor in the

This Portland Man’s Mugshot Will Give You Nightmares

This morning Deadspin tipped us off to Mark David Siebenmorgen's terrifying mugshot. According to Oregon Live, he's being held in Clackamas County Jail on charges