An Oregon Brewery Is Making Beer From Human Waste, So That’s Incredibly Gross


Sometimes, especially on a scalding summer day, an unattended budget pilsner left roasting in the sun can quickly cross the taste threshold from "moderate-to-shitty, $18 a case lite beer," to "oh my God, did I just drink urine lite beer.

colin cowherd

Colin Cowherd Loves Oregon Due To Its Wonderful, Mostly White, People


Colin Cowherd said something controversial on his show today.

jon gruden

Jon Gruden Rips Oregon’s Florescent Yellow Uniforms To Marcus Mariota While Wearing Florescent Yellow Shirt

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Marcus Mariota was the latest quarterback to be locked in a room with Jon Gruden for his QB Camp series on ESPN.


After Seeing This Photo You Won’t Believe This Guy Survived Having His Car Sandwiched Between Two Semi Trucks


Twelve people were injured in a massive 26-vehicle pileup on Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon on Saturday.

college football

Is Jenn Sterger The Reason Why Oregon Started Chanting ‘No Means No’ After Beating Florida State?


Interesting revelation about Oregon's post-Rose Bowl "No Means No" chant after beating Florida State.

sportscenter commercials

New ‘SportsCenter’ Commercial Suggests Oregon’s Playbook Is Super Dangerous


The College Football Playoff is a giant success and ESPN is reaping the benefits in the form of big ratings.

beauty pageants

The Before And After Photos Of This Hot Beauty Queen Are Just Another Reason Why You Don’t Fuck Around With Meth


I am a girl and I can objectively say that the girl above, Jaime Lynn France aka a former Oregon teen beauty queen, is hot.


The Meat Is On The Pole AND On The Plate, Sort Of: Inside Portland’s Strip Club Dining Scene


There's a law in the city of Portland, Oregon that an establishment cannot serve alcohol without also serving food, therefore the strip clubs must ALL serve food if they want to also serve alcohol.

facial hair

Bros, Meet The 2014 Beard And Mustache King Of The World (PICS)


Last weekend in Portland, Oregon elite competitors gathered from all around the globe at the 2014 Beard & Moustache World Championships.

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