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Arizona Combines for World-Class Interception Against Oregon

Oregon forgot to show up Saturday against Arizona. The Wildcats not only remembered to show up, they flat-out kicked the Ducks’ asses from start to

Oregon’s Leaked Neon Lime-Green Football Helmets Look Like Something from an EDC Pipe Dream

Conventional wisdom says that it's far too early in the summer to begin the college football fashion show. But screw that! Indiana's shiny new peppermint

Want to Watch a 13 Minute Video from Oregon’s Cheerleader Tryouts?

I mean, why wouldn't you? Apparently there was a $5 enterance fee to watch this spectacle live. Guess that's cheaper than a trip to the

Top Ranked Recruit Goes to Oregon, Tweets Out Picture with a Bong Surrounded By Oregon Coeds

Three-star defensive end prospect Davin Bellamy's recruiting trip to Oregon was GREAT.... until he Tweeted out pics of him with a bong. Whoops!

Chip Kelly Will Coach the Philadelphia Eagles, Chris Mortensen Reports

Wow. Didn't see that one coming. Holy duck. 

Chip Kelly Snubs the NFL to Stay at Oregon, Mat Kearney Likely 100% of the Reason Why

According to the World Wide Leader, Chip Kelly is staying put in Oregon. Can you blame him? I can't. I wouldn't leave the success, job

The Oregon Duck Lost His Head Skydiving Yesterday

Oregon and Stanford play each other today. Big game, a lot of implications on the line, etc. But you're here for one thing, really: The

25 Worst Kinds of Sports Tweeters, 10 Confusing Things About Football, and More Midweek Sports Links

What's sure to be a wild sports weekend is drawing near. Here's your fix, now complete with the kickoff of NBA time.  

University of Oregon Unveiled Their 2012 Football Uniforms and They’re Not a Complete Eyesore

Oregon's football program has been the trend-setter and pace car for this new generation of ever-changing, envelope-pushing, and usually grotesque-looking college football uniforms. Long before

PSA: The Oregon ‘O’ Hand Sign Means ‘Vag*na’ In American Sign Language

Great post yesterday on the New York Times' 'The Quad' college football blog. According to The Times, 29 players on the Ducks football team are

LaMichael James Elbow Gruesomely Popped Out Last Night, He Popped It Back In

They should stop torturing terrorists with near-lethal doses of Matchbox Twenty and start showing gnarly injuries on repeat. Of course, that's only a choice if

Oregon ‘Mighty’ Ducks Reveal Thursday’s Retro Jersey

Football powerhouse and uniform innovators for the last decade, Oregon is never a stranger to grabbing headlines. In 2006, USA Today informed the world of

Just So You Know, Nike Is Outfitting the Oregon Cheerleaders With Pro Combat Uniforms Too

As you know, Nike's Pro Combat uniforms are all the rage in college football circuits this year. This morning The Swoosh strategically leaked/teased a

Nike’s 2011 Pro Combat Uniforms For Oregon Football Will Give Your Nightmares Nightmares

It's that time of year again when Nike makes football fans everywhere scream "Holy Sh*t!" by unveiling its Pro Combat uniforms for Oregon's football team.

Oregon Football Player Tells a Cop Where His Weed is

If you must smoke weed, please don't smoke it in your car. If you must smoke weed in your car, please don't race