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It Turns Out Bill Clinton Went Down on Monica Lewinsky

We never doubted you, Bro King Bill Clinton. We never doubted you one bit.

These Are the Four States Where Blowjobs Are Illegal But Necrophilia Isn’t

Kinda weird, but that's federalism for ya.

Virginia Senator Proposing Law That Would Make Oral Sex Between Teens a Felony

A few months ago, a Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate by the name of Ken Cuccinelli said that he wanted to revive his state's neanderthal "crimes

Chip Kelly Likes to Pantomime Cunnilingus During NFL Games

Umm… you tell me what else he could be doing. 

You Now Have an Excuse Not to Kiss Her After She Goes Down on You (You Could Get Your Own HPV)

The next time a girl tries to kiss you after she gives you a blowjob, STOP HER. 

Guess What State Oral Sex and Sex In A Car Are Still Illegal In?

Hint: It's not Hawaii. 

Man Goes Down on Woman, Smells Something Weird—It’s Poison

Ever go downtown and immediately have to come back up? IT COULD HAVE BEEN POISON.

Should There Be a Time Limit on Oral Sex?

Oh boy, this is going to be trouble.

Stand-Up Comedian Colin Kane’s Epic Rant About Getting Great Head

Our old stand-up comedian friend Colin Kane just dropped this fantastic new video breaking down what constitutes a great BJ. Check it out

The ZBT Fraternity Brothers at Vanderbilt Are Not Happy They Got Kicked Off Campus

Yesterday, the ZBT fraternity at Vanderbilt had its charter suspended following "a series of violations of both university and national fraternity policies." Their first act

Watch This Cardinals Fan Perform Fellatio on Her Beer Bottle

The Arizona Cardinals played out their season Sunday with a meaningless game against the Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals won the game 23-20 in

Annoying Girls, Cunnilingus, Not Wiping Your Ass, Cheating Boyfriends, and So Much More

This week's mailbag is gigantic. So big, in fact, that I'm going to forgo the finger-banging foreplay we usually do up here and just dominate

When Flavored Lube Goes Bad: One Laxtitute’s Very Cherry Sex Disaster

A couple weeks ago, the kid I was hooking up went with all his fraternity brothers and little pledges to Philly for the day and

Oral Sex May Surpass Smoking as a Leading Cause of Throat Cancer

Who knew eating snatch would ever lead to more than just questionable breath and a few swallowed pubes? Not this guy. I liked it just

Going Downtown, Shaving Downtown, Breakup Sex, and More

Editor’s Note: This is the latest article by our resident hot chick, That’s What She Said. To ask her your burning questions about sex, relationships,

What Has Two Thumbs and Got Arrested for Getting a Blow Job in Public?

Public blow jobs are a right of passage. A wave goodbye to adolescence as you take an eight-pulsed waltz into adulthood. It's an accomplishment. Something you