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This Woman Intentionally Had Sex With 25 Men At A Party Because She Wanted To Copy Porn, Now OOPS She’s Pregnant

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As far as “Dear Amy” columns go they’re typically full of stupid questions along the lines of “Today I snorted bath salts up my nose and I accidentally slaughtered my entire neighborhood.

emergency room stories

8 Of The Most Bizarre Trips To The Emergency Room


Sometimes I wish I was able to work inside of an emergency room because it means I could witness all of the bizarre reasons people end up there, and I’m sure most of the people in there would have a story to tell about how they became injured.

live tv

Watch A Television Reporter Get SMASHED In The Head With A Skateboard During A Live Report


Every job has its downfalls, no matter how seemingly easy or cushy it appears to be on the outside.

fat people

Watch The Embarrassing Chaos That Ensues When One Reporter Forgets To Turn Her Mic Off And Calls Another Anchor ‘Fat’


‘Twas just another regular ol’ news day at KTLA 5 in Los Angeles until someone dropped the F-bomb on air.


Kid Thought Going To Band Practice Stoned Would Be Okay, The 36 Stitches In His Scrotum Say Otherwise


While being stoned and doing activities like going to the movies or laying at the pool is great, there are certain activities you should NEVER do while stoned.

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