Traffic Level Russia: Tiny Fender Bender Leads To All Out Brawl


Here we see a typical Russian traffic accident.

only in russia

Only In Russia: Locals Rafting Waves From Trucks On Flooded Roads Looks Like A Helluva Time


Apparently parts of Russia have been experiencing heavy flooding this week, which means flooded highways.

wtf russia

Russian Road Rage–Like American Road Rage But With 400% More Cosplay


Every day we thank our lucky stars and stripes that the people of Mother Russia all have dashboard cams in their cars, and today we see an incredible display of road rage.


Apparently in Russia surfing involves hot chicks wearing high heels


Who knew that Russians were in to surfing, and furthermore, who knew that the people surfing in Russia were sexy chicks wearing high heels.


Only in Russia: Janitor saves defenseless woman from pack of wild dogs


Only in Russia could a video as insane as this take place.

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