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6 Messages Not to Send When Online Dating

Avoid these rookie mistakes, Bros.

How ‘Bout This Dude Posing As A Lesbian On Online Dating Websites To Meet Chicks?

Not sure what this guy's endgame was...

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Online Dating

It seems like everyone is online dating these days. OK, maybe not everyone, but a lot of us are, and luckily, it’s becoming more and

10 Things Not to Put on Your Tinder or Hinge Profile

If you’re willing to degrade your “game” enough to use an online dating website to facilitate sticking your penis into a vagina, then I’m not

Why You Should Ditch Tinder For Hinge

It's all the rage these days.

Will You Be My Girlfriend? (No, Seriously, See Criteria Below)

I'm a 29-year-old male and I’ve been single for a while.

3nder Is the Tinder for Finding Threesomes

Have you ever been sitting at a bar with your significant other, wishing you could find someone to add to […]

Bro-Shaming: A Dating Trend That Needs to Stop

The recent BroBible article “Girl Shares Her Nightmares From Dating App Hinge So Bros Can Learn From Others’ Mistakes” practically […]

The 5 Best Online Dating Sites and Apps for Bros

If you wanted to download N’Sync’s Christmas album for the Holidays, would you rather go on ITunes and pay $10 or would you rather download

This Video on Millennial Girls Meeting Guys Online is Amazingly Accurate

From the folks at SRSLY is this on-point video about a Millennial gal stalking a guy online. 

Photos From Russian Online Dating Websites Are Your New Favorite Thing

A Redditor (God Bless Reddit) uploaded photos found on popular Russian dating websites. 

A Staggering Number of People Are Using Tinder

Since Tinder got big last year, it's been stereotyped as a useful way for guys to be shallow as shit. You see someone you don't

5 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Isn’t Working

Because you look like an idiot. 

What Homepages of Dating Sites are Really Saying

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That quote came from Gandhi. The revolutionary, you see, wasn’t always a pacifist. It

The 10 Douchebags All Chicks ‘Nope’ On Tinder

A couple of weeks ago I caught the buzz about what would soon become the creepiest and most distracting app on my phone.

The 10 Best Profiles on NYU’s Ridiculous New Anonymous Dating Page, NYU Hook Ups

If you're over 30, you're excused for having a "Kids these days have it so EASY" attitude toward the recent online dating push. There's such

Probably the Creepiest OKCupid Message Ever, Plus Today’s Fix (20 Pics)

Wow, WTF?! 

Aziz Ansari Talks with Conan About How to Handle Bullies, Online Dating

One of the great things about Aziz Ansari is that he's not so much hilarious as he is one of the best storytellers in all

Man Gets Dumped, Poses as Ex-Girlfriend to Horny Prison Inmates

They say the best revenge is living well. Carl Wayne McGraw does not subscribe to this maxim.

Wall Street Bro Keeps Painfully Thorough Spreadsheet of His Match.com Dates

Here's a case for not keeping a detailed log of your sexual conquests. A New York based, financial services employee made the fatal error of

Jon Lajoie’s Hilarious Mock Dating Service Commercial

Jon Lajoie's dating service commercial is the best dating service commercial in the history of dating service commercials. Watch until the end, please.