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This Study Says That Casual Sex Is Actually GOOD For You

The biggest scientific breakthrough of the year.

This Video Perfectly Describes the Awkwardness of Drunken One-Night Stands

Our friends at Above Average have a spectacular web series called Charles, Your Hangover. The basic gist is that guy named Charles guides you through your

Science Has Officially Determined the Difference Between Booty Calls, One-Night Stands and Others

Leave it to science to remove the ambiguity from the nebulous terms we've invented for hooking up. 

30 Ways To Make the Morning After a One-Night Stand Less Awkward

Congrats! Someone likes you, kind of. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. One drink turns into two, two drinks turns into three, three drinks

A Guide to Getting a Guy to Text You the Morning After, By America’s Favorite Sorority Girl

Editor's Note: We're very excited to introduce a new BroBible contributor. Rebbeca Martinson is a University of Maryland student who gained

How a Single Guy Has a One Night Stand

Dreams really do come true, but so do nightmares, and if you aren't properly prepared for a one-night stand it can leave you in some

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Hate Sex

You’re in a dilemma. Now, this isn’t one of those dilemmas that can be resolved by coins that are not nickels, horses named “Friday,” or

Guess Which ‘American Pie’ Star Almost Got Stabbed By a One-Night Stand Yesterday Morning

The obvious guess is Stifler (Sean William Scott) or Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) because he couldn't even eat box or figure out how to spend

Dom Mazzetti vs. One Night Stands

In this latest episode of "Dom vs." Dom evaluates his latest one-night stand. God bless one-night stands. God bless the ever-loving shit out of them. 

Bro Gave Girl Parting Gift During His First One-Night Stand, Plus Guy Caught On Camera Having Sex

After a holiday hiatus, Hook Up Heroes is back with a few new tales of sexual heroism. Submit your stories here. 

Bro’s Signature Move in Bed is ‘I’ll Eat You Out Until You Can’t Resist Me,’ Plus Other Sexploits

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College Football Bro Gets Lucky on Election Night, Plus the Most Ridiculous Tale of Sex We’ve Heard

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​7 Ways To Tell if The Chick You’re About To Approach Is Ready For a One Night Stand

A very big and often overlooked part of “the game” is picking the right prospects. Any game newbie can approach 15 girls in one night

One-Night Stand Study Offers Reason I Can’t Settle Down

Thanks, Dad. According to Time Magazine, my DRD4 gene is the reason I have proclaimed myself "Lord of the Ring." A team at Binghamton University