sports one hit wonders

20 most famous one-hit wonders in sports


Whether they got injured, just lost their athletic mojo or fell from grace for some other reason, here are the most famous one-hit wonders in sports.

one hit wonders in sports

Biggest one-hit wonder teams of the last 20 years


Not every team can enjoy constant success like the Spurs or the Patriots.

Sugar Ray

90’s Has-Beens Are Reuniting On A Tour That Will Set Your Walkman On Fire


Summerland Tour 2012 kicks off tomorrow night in Portsmouth, Virginia.

one hit wonders

Chumbawamba Will Not Get Up Again: Iconic 90’s Band Officially Breaking Up


Chumbawamba, the british punk-pop band who drank whisky, vodka, lager, and cider drinks, the band who has been the poster boy for thousands of retroactive 90's nostalgia binges, is officially calling it quits.

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The 100 best hip-hop one-hit wonders


Anybody who's ever done the "Macarena" - or refused to do it out of sheer disgust - is familiar with the concept of a one-hit wonder.

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